Marketing Director Jobaphiles

Attained seed funding from DreamIt Ventures out of 300 startups that applied. Spent the summer with nine other startup companies in Philadelphia to collaborate and brainstorm ideas. Attended presentations by co-founders & successful entrepreneurs. Presented a demonstration of our company to potential venture capitalists and angel investors (300 + audience, including techcrunch, news, media). Used social media to make Jobaphiles viral through twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums, blogs. Educated local companies & startups about how Jobaphiles can help them with job postings/openings. Marketed to colleges/universities through events on campus, guerrilla marketing, and social media/press.

What It Means To Be a Friend Aristotle says it is necessary to have a friendship to be truly happy and to be fully human. It is good for the soul. Without friends is to be less than human. Aristotle tells of three kinds of friendship; friendship of excellence, utility, and pleasure. Friendship of excellence is like a reflection of you. It is two people that are equal and two good human beings rooted in virtue. Friendship of utility is useful only when needed or using them to help you (friends with benefits). Friendship of pleasure is to enjoy the company of the person. To be a true friend, I think you have to be a friend of excellence. Becoming this friend takes a lot of effort and effort is the most important priority in a friendship. You have to have meaningful conversations, doing things together, and spending enough time with each other. This is the only how you can be a friend of excellence and what it means to be a friend. Meaningful conversations help generate each other’s personality, attitude, and behavior. It helps understand each other of what they are trying to become and their philosophy in life. Conversations help us express ourselves to people that genuinely care and it’s good so we can get it off our chest. In a way, it helps us move forward in life. They’re mini steps to achieving what one want’s in life. Friends are the benefactor for helping us along the most treacherous times in our young life. Doing things together is especially important to becoming a great friend. When you’re doing things together, words become actions and you really see the person in a whole new way. Either its playing basketball, video gaming, watching a football game, or volunteering together, you are actively bonding with each other. During a commercial or a break, there are those little moments where you have small conversations about what you thought about a particular play in the basketball game, or commercial, or thoughts about anything. For example, my best friend and I were playing a football game together. As we are playing we would talk about our thoughts on who would win the super bowl or who is a better player. These moments I’m sure many have, are the little conversations on the side that brings each other closer. Spending time together is the most important of all attributes to a friendship. It is the E in effort that translates a friend to a friend of excellence. The more effort and time you spend with each other, you can then learn more from each other. For example, my gf and I has been together for 3 years. Every year I know her more and more. The things from what she likes to eat, favorite color, TV show, music, clothes, shoes, and things I do that annoy her. I can say that it did not take me a year to know all of these things. It took a period of time for me to be aware and take special interest in all of her daily activities. Therefore, time spent is an investment of trying to know as much as you can about each other. I would like to note, there are many people that have many friends out of their group of 20 people. But as Aristotle said, you can only have a few friends because the time spent with one takes a lot of effort. So to say you have 20 true friends, it is invalid. This is what it means to be a friend. You have to have meaningful conversations, doing things together, and spending enough time together. You have to go above and beyond to excel as a friend of excellence. The effort and time spent together will equal a friendship for life.

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