Abu Hatim, Muhammad ibn Idris al-Razi (811 – 890) was a notable hadith scholar born in Ray. He is the father of Ibn Abi Hatim.[1]


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His name and lineage: He is the imam, the Hafidh, the critic, the proof, Abu Hatim Muhammad bin Idris bin al-Mundhir bin Dawud bin Mahran ar-Razi, al-Handhali, al-Ghatafani.

His birth: He was born the year 195H.

The better known [narrators] he narrated from: He narrated from many, such that al-Khalili said, “Abu Hatim al-Labban al-Hafidh said to me, ‘I had gathered [those] who Abu Hatim ar-Razi narrated from; they reached close to 3,000.’”

From the better known of them are: Abu Nu’aim al-Fadl bin Dukain, Zuhair bin ‘Abbad, Yahya bin Bukair, ‘Ubaidullah bin Musa, Adam bin Abi Iyas, Thabit bin Muhammad az-Zahid, ‘Abdullah bin Salih al-’Ijli, ‘Abdullah bin Sâlih al-Kâtib, Muhammad bin ‘Abdillah al-Ansârî, and Qabîsah.

The better known narrators [who narrated] from him: Abū Zur’ah ar-Razî, Yūnus bin ‘Abdil-A’la, Abu Bakr bin Abid-Dunya, Musa bin Ishaq al-Ansari, Abu Dawood,Al-Nasa'i , Abu ‘Awanah al-Isfara’ini, Abul-Hasan al-Qattân, Abū Bishr ad-Dūlâbî, and many others.

The Scholars’ and Imams’ commendation of him:

Abū Zur’ah told Abi Hatim, “I have not seen [anyone] more intent on seeking the hadîth than you.”

Yūnus bin ‘Abdil-A’la said, “Abu Zur’ah and Abū Hâtim are the two Imams of Khurasan.” He supplicated for them both and said, “Their continuance is an improvement for the Muslims.”

Abdur-Rahman bin Abi Hatim said, “I heard Mūsâ bin Is·hâq al-Qâdî saying, ‘I have not seen [anyone] more preserving than your father,’ and he had met Abū Bakr Ibn Abi Shaibah, Ibn Numair, Yahya ibn Ma'in , and Yahya al-Himmani.”

Ahmad bin Salamah an-Naisâbūrî said, “I have not seen after Ishaq and Muhammad bin Yahya [anyone] more preserving of the hadîth or more knowledgeable of its meanings than Abi Hatim ar-Razi.”

Uthman bin Khurrazadh said, “The most preserving of those I saw are four: Muhammad bin al-Minhal ad-Darir, Ibrâhîm bin ‘Ar’arah, Abu Zur’ah ar Razi, and Abu Hatim.”

al-Khalili said, Abū Hâtim was a scholar of the Companions’ differences [of opinion] and the jurisprudence of the Followers and [those] after them. I heard my grandfather and a group [who] heard ‘Ali bin Ibrahim al-Qattan saying, “I have not seen the like of Abi Hatim.” So we told him, “[But] you had seen Ibrâhîm al-Harbî and Isma’il al-Qadi.” He said, “I have not seen [anyone] more complete or more virtuous than Abi Hatim.”

Abul-Qasim al-Lalika’i said, “Abū Hâtim was an imam, a hâfidh, a verifier.”

Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi said, “Abū Hâtim was one of the credible, hâfidh imams.”

Al-Dhahabi said, “He was from the oceans of knowledge. He travelled about the countries and excelled in the text and the chain [of transmission]. He gathered and compiled, disparaged and accredited, authenticated and deemed defective.”

He said, “He was one of the notables and from the formidable imams of the People of the Relic … he was a neighbour in the arena of his comrade and relative, Hâfidh Abu Zur’ah.”

His death:

He died on the month of Sha’bân in the year 277H. May Allah have mercy on our Imam, Abu Hatim, and be pleased with him. May He unite us with him in His mercy, His excellence, His bounty, and His pleasure, in the highest Paradise with the Prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, the righteous, and the satisfactory imams.

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