Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is a 2012 American horror/action film by The Asylum, which was released direct-to-video on May 29, 2012. In the tradition of The Asylum's catalog, the film is a mockbuster of the 20th Century Fox film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.[1]


During the events of the American Civil War, United States President Abraham Lincoln must save his nation from an outbreak of the Confederate undead.


  • Bill Oberst Jr. as Abraham Lincoln
  • Jason Hughley as Wilson Brown
  • Baby Norman as Mary Owens
  • Jason Vail as John Wilkinson
  • Don McGraw as General Stonewall Jackson
  • Christopher Marrone as Garrett
  • Ronald Ogden as Robert Chamberlin
  • Canon Kuipers as young Teddy Roosevelt
  • Hannah Lyn Bryan as Sofia
  • Nathaniel Grauwelman as William Harvey Hawkins
  • Anthony Paderewski as Shaw
  • Brennen Harper as young Abraham Lincoln


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