Abigail Jane Kathryn Tarttelin (born 13 October 1987 in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire) is an English actress and novelist.

Early life

Tarttelin was born in Grimsby, England. Her paternal grandfather is artist David Tarttelin. She grew up in North East England. At sixteen she trained with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and the New York Film Academy school in France, acting in over 20 short films.[1] Of these films, La Geode, by New York artist Theresa Hong, appeared in the Official Selection of the New York Short Film Festival, the LA Shorts Fest and Strasbourg Film Festival.[2][3]


In her first acting role Tarttelin played Fenella in The Butterfly Tattoo.[3] The following year she took the starring role in independent sci-fi Schrodinger’s Girl[4] (now entitled Triple Hit[5] in which she played three versions of the same woman in parallel worlds.[6] The film premiered in 2009 at Comic-Con, in San Diego. She attended Comic-Con and Cannes Film Festival with The Butterfly Tattoo, based on the novel by Philip Pullman, and Triple Hit, and in 2009 she became one of only two actresses to make it into Moviescope magazine’s ‘Ones To Watch’ selection of British artists working in independent film.[7][8][9][10] She has also written for minor blog Women & Hollywood[11] and as a screenwriter for Academy Award shortlisted[12] filmmaker Chris Jones.[13] She also shot for feature film 'Three Stags', directed by Mark Locke, and bilingual thriller 'Taxi Rider'[14] in 2010.

Tarttelin's debut novel 'Flick' was released in April 2011.


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