Abgott (Band)

Abgott (Band)

Abgott is a extreme metal band based in the U.K, formed in 1997.

Abgott means "idol" in German. The word could also refer to a "deity", "serpant", "image which is worshiped as a god", "absence of god" or "god dethroned". The word was originally used my monks to identify divinities that got abolished hence it's use and meaning as "god dethroned".



All had begun November '97 when Agamoth spawned the uncompromised demo-tape "Celtic Metal Battle". A proper line up will be gathered and the band started to hit the road for almost a year around their native land selling out the 900 limited edition copies ever produced.


At the dawn of a new millennium the legendary self-titled and self-financed, debut album was recorded at Ressole Studios. Producing a hybrid and unconventional black metal with the intention to take distance from the institutionalized Scandinavian black metal. With a good response from the press and media the band reached well founds to get back on the road.


Abgott promoted their album around Italy. With the "War shall be" tour, either as headliner or support. The main Italian magazines did support the band for their live performances with extraordinary reviews from Grindzone, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer, Psycho and far more underground magazines. On this tour almost 2000 copies of the album was sold.


Agamoth did recoed the next chapter "Fizala", even more unconventional and experimantal concept black metal album lyrically based on the myth of ancient divinities and musically direct towards new boundries into extreme metal


In to U.K, Agamoth found a deal with Helvete Records for a limited production and distribution of this new milestone into the extreme metal dimension. More good respomse from the European specialized media and press did bring the band back alive around Europe supporting, Napalm Death, Destruction, Hatesphere and Ancient Rites. Among the biggest.

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