Humble beginnings

Born to Mr.Dasthigeer and Mahariba Beevi at Hospital Sentosa, Dato’ Malik has always been the very picture of the young Malaysian nationalist seeking to forge his own path into the world. Growing up in Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur meant that he was always exposed to multiple cultures as well as businesses from an early age. Living in the city’s main trade and services hub gave the young boy an advantage – a chance to learn business from the best teacher there is: Experience. It is therefore no surprise that Dato’ Malik managed to reach the status of millionaire before he hit the age of thirty. In a world of millionaires and vine stars, Dato’ Malik made his money the old fashioned way – by hard, unrelenting work and the wish to give back to his community. The following segments include only some of this great man’s ventures into the professional world.

Hall of Fame

Today, Dato’ Malik owns four major businesses and a compliment of extracurriculars that underline his accomplishments. First and foremost, he is founder of Malik Streams Corporation Sdn. Bhd. – a company that he has successfully run since 2007 and one which deals with the provision of household goods and wholesale supply. This has allowed him to stay connected to today’s market needs as well as provide the best quality at the most affordable price to his wholesalers. The very fact that this business has stayed active through some of the most turbulent economic times in Malaysia is a testament to Dato’ Malik’s skills as an entrepreneur and a visionary.

He is also the owner of Malik Maju Sdn Bhd, a certified and dedicated money changing service. Dato’ Malik has already shown that he has an eye for investment so global financing was obviously the next step. The nature of currency requires that businesses run in it be done so by people with both expertise’s in the area of finance as well as intelligent foresight to predict trends in money value. Dato’ Malik possesses both these skills, allowing him to successfully run the money changing business for almost a decade now.

Malik Streams Properties Sdn Bhd is yet another business borne under Dato’ Malik’s name. A venture that deals in the purchase and sales of property/real estate, it has proved very lucrative for the young Dato’. This business is also a hallmark to his loyalty to his country as Dato’ Malik is a big supporter of local ventures – often at the cost of less profits for his business. Whenever possible, Dato’ Malik prefers doing business with Malaysians and promoting Malaysia’s interests over those of foreign powers.

Malik Streams Production & Distribution is where he shines though, his love of media, entertainment and movies coming together. While too busy to make a movie of his own until now, Dato’ Malik’s media company claims distribution rights to Hindi, Tamil and foreign language films shown in Malaysia. The epitome of working behind the scenes to achieve something great, if it wasn’t for Dato’ Malik’s distribution company, Malaysia would not enjoy the thousands of cultures shown across the world through the medium of the silver screen. His work regarding this involves getting permits and permissions as well as arranging appropriate viewing venues for these movies where they will attain a maximum audience. Following on the same note of his love of media and entertainment.However, it helps others realize their dreams and visions of events and works towards a better tomorrow. Dato’ Malik has always insisted that one should never give up on their dreams and now we know why, because through his vision and leadership, he can make those dreams a reality. Malik Streams is the official distributor for top movies such as Lingaa,Kanithan,Miruthan,Dilwale,Romeo Juliet,Thangamagan,Theri,Kabali & Singam 3.

The Malaysian Vigilante

Dato’ Malik has never made his love for his country a secret. In fact, he has been very vocal about the changes in Malaysia in the past decade and a half and has even served his country by being involved in local politics. His dreams to achieve the dizzying heights of success were never for himself alone. He wanted his country to shine as much as he did and today, those dreams have been realized. His direct affiliation with KIMMA (Wilayah) as their branch leader says a lot about his willingness to invest in the future of Malaysia. Because he believes that giving any cause just money is never enough, he chooses to give his cause time and attention as well.

Standing by the mantra that “everyone is a little political at heart”, Dato’ Malik chooses to express his patriotism for his country rather than turn a blind eye in favor of not seeming biased against one issue or another. He is a firm believer that change can be brought about if we speak up and he encourages everyone to do so. For only when all Malaysians take active interest in Malaysian affairs can Malaysia be the truest democracy.

The Generous Philanthropist

Dato’ Malik has always been a big believer in giving credit where it is due. He has been an even bigger believer in giving back to the community. As a result, he has kick started several community projects for the welfare of his fellow countrymen, the biggest among these projects being Surau-Al-Malik – a Surau located in his buildings which is open to all Muslims performing prayers and which serves free food during fasting and non-fasting months to all who go there. Currently Dato’ is in the middle of negotiating permits to conduct Friday prayers at this holy place and will increase the amount of food and drinks distributed to all those who come to the mosque to offer prayers during the Ramadan fasting month.

He has also been involved with several charity related activities especially for disabled(o.k.u),orphanages, old folks home and has become something of an icon among the local community. Both his hobby of racing cars and giving the youth of Malaysia the leg up into the business field has made him quite a celebrity in his own rights. However Dato’ Malik still insists on the importance of giving back to the community as it is the community that is responsible for building an individual up.

Friend to the Stars

With his position as Group Ceo of Malik Group of companies, arguably the most popular media and entertainment company in Malaysia, it is no surprise that Dato’ Malik has met his fair share of on screen celebrities. But meeting and befriending are two different things as can be seen by his interactions with the latest in the line of superstars to grace Malaysian soil. Superstar Rajnikanth was in Malaysia for a few months, he and his team finishing up principle shooting for their upcoming blockbuster “Kabali” and though the fine actor was busy with the filming, he took time out to launch Dato’ Malik’s new venture, the buildings he’d bought in Jalan Tun Tan Siew Hin (Jalan Silang) by the name of Wisma Malik. This launch shows that Dato’ Malik shares a friendly relationship with the stars he hosts and has readably gained their endorsement and respect through his hard work, sincerity and ambition. Dato’ Malik is also set to host the team of “Singham 3” in July 2016 after his success with the entire cast of “Kabali”

A Great Man

Many people have attempted to ask Dato Malik what his secret to success is. After all, achieving Millionaire status, a Datoship and such strong community support at the age of merely 34 must have a secret behind it. But the man behind the name has a deceptively simply motto. Work hard, never give up on your dreams, keep faith. These are usually the pieces of advice he bestows upon young entrepreneurs asking for guidance. He considers himself a rather simple man and his humble nature is on display to all he meets. He believes in the value of a Ringgit, in helping his fellow man and in not taking shortcuts to success and those are the most important values youngsters today should carry in themselves.

Dato’ Malik may work with superstars but has always considered himself a behind the scenes kind of guy, his quiet strength and resilience shining through the background to produce the masterpieces we see on screen. Not all players always get the spotlight but Dato’ Malik is one Malaysia is proud to shine light upon – as a businessman, as a patriot and as a human being.


  • Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang, D.I.M.P ,The award carries the title Dato' - 2012
  • Pingat Jasa Kebaktian( PJK ) by Governor of Malacca - 2014
  • Masterclass Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year Award by H.R.H Prince Sulaiman Shah Ibni Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah at The Global Leadership Award 2016 which was held on 23rd April 2016 at Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana Hotel,Indonesia & organised by The Leaders International-American Leadership Development Association (ALDA)-2016
  • Appreciation award from YAB Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak,current Prime Minister of Malaysia at KIMMA( Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia) Annual General Meeting-2016


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