Anita Diya Kapoor was born on 18th January 1976 in Mumbai Maharashtra also known as Anita Kapoor Bhatia after her marriage and is a former Indian actress who appeared in Bollywood films. She has received six Filmfare Awards and is noted for playing a variety of characters in a range of film genres. Her acting career had became successful as she has appeared in range of films in the industry.

Born into a family in which her parents, Kamal Kapoor and Namira Kapoor, and her younger sister Anamika Kapoor were actors. Kapoor had made her acting debut with Khabi Khab Alga Ho in (1991) which became a hit, In 1992 Kapoor had appeared in the film Tum Toh Bare Batmeez Ho, which was her first hit as she was nominated - Filmfare Best Actress. In the same year she acted in the melodrama Kabhi Khushi Kabhie.. (1992), one of Kapoor's biggest commercial successes to date. She has appeared in 2 blockbuster which were Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Tu Hai Ek Anari in 1993. She portrayed a sex worker in Kaun Hai Chameli (1998), the turning point in her career, Kapoor played the lead female role in the thriller film Ek Anjabee (1997), for which she received the Filmfare Award for Best Actress. Kapoor had confirmed that she is retiring from her acting and in the same year she become a lawyer from 1998-2005. In 2000 Kapoor became an Air Hostel.

Early life and background

Kapoor was in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India as Anita Kamal Diya Kapoor on 18 January 1976, Kapoor is the eldest daughter of  actor Kamal Kapoor and Namira Kapoor (née Bhambai) was a former actress and has a younger sister Anamika Kapoor who was born on 18th July 1980 and is also an actress. Kapoor's younger sister Anamika Kapoor made her in 2000. Anita Kapoor and her younger sister Anamika started there careers together by Anita doing films and Anamika with adverts by the time Anamika became actress in 2000 Anita had quit acting. Often informally referred to as Bebo.

Kapoor attended Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai, followed by Welham Girls' School (a boarding school) in Dehradun According to Kapoor, she was a good student and received first-class honours in all subjects except mathematics which made Kapoor the highest student in her whole class. After graduating from Welham she studied commerce for two years at Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics in Vile Parle (Mumbai). Kapoor then registered for a three-month summer course in microcomputers at Harvard University in the United States. She later developed an interest in law, and enrolled at the Government Law College in Churchgate; during this period, she developed a long-lasting passion for reading. However, after completing one year at Churchgate, the following year In 1998 Kapoor quit acting and became a lawyer.

Acting career

1991–94: Debut, breakthrough and setback

Kapoor had made debuted her that year alongside Akshay Gill  in Abaas-Mustan's thriller Tum khabi Khabi Alag Ho. Kapoor portrayed Priya Saxena/ Malhotra, a Hindustani girl who falls in love with Gill's character while find out the evidence pointed against her husband. Her performance was acclaimed by critics; Kapoor "has a magnetic personality, which will make the viewer fall in love with her instantly. What surprises you is the ease with which she emotes the most difficult of scenes [...] There is no denying the fact that she is a natural performer who is very camera friendly. On the experience of acting in her first film, Kapoor described it as "tough Experience" [but] also a great learning experience". and Kapoor's performance earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut

For her second release, Kapoor was paired opposite Ranveer Deol  in Kiran Mehta 's box office success Hum Tum Mohbbaat Karega Kapoor had protrayed a girl called Pooja Kashyap. A review in noted that she was "definitely the actress to watch out for, if her debut with Akshay in Tum khabi Khabi Alag Ho and Hum Tum Mohbbat Karega now are any indication. In the same year she then starred in Nikhil Singh 's family drama Aja Bare acche legata hai. The drama centers on the character of Raj Singh Puri, a middle-class man, and his daughters' marriages. Kapoor played the youngest daughter, Isha Singh Puri.

Kapoor was next cast as the female lead in Santosh Sivan's Tum Toh bare batmeez ho (1992),Kapoor portrayed Shivani Khanna and received her first nomination for Filmfare Best Actress at the Filmfare Awards.While the film received generally positive reviews, Kapoor's performance received mixed reactions from critics; concluded that her presence in the film was primarily used for aesthetic purpose.

Kapoor's first release of 1992 was Kabhi Khushi toh Gham..., a melodrama in which she was part of an family drama. Directed by Jamie Khanna, the film was a major financial success, it became India's second highest-grossing film of the year and Kapoor's highest-grossing film to that point. It also became one of the biggest Bollywood success of all time in the overseas market, earning over Kapoor's performance as Poo (a good-natured, superficial girl) was described by Taran Adarsh as "one of the main highlights of the film", and earned her a Filmfare Best Supporting Actress nomination. After the success of Kabhi Khushi Toh Gham.. Kapoor appeared in her last film which was a box office hit which was Hum Tum Ek Jawab Hai which she achieved her first Filmfare Best Actress in 1993.

During 1993 Kapoor experienced a setback in her career. She starred in 6 films — Muhjse Dosti Karoge, Ek Andas Tumhare, Tu hai Ek Anari, Mer Sapne Ek Saajan, Saajan, Ek bara Dhanwaan, Dilbar, Ek doorse pyaar kita hai hum, App Kaun hai.

After the success of 2 big Blockbuster Muhjse Dosti Karoge, Tu hai Ek Anari. In 1994 Kapoor had enter in about 6 film , which were successful Ek suhaag, Anadaz tumhare Ek, Ek Muqabala Aur Ke Jeet, Tumho Coolie No 1, Ek Jeet and Silsila Pyaar Hota Hai. Critics described Kapoor's performances was excellent and [much better] that her other film she [began] with and did good at the box office.

1995–96: Critical acclaim

The year 1995 marked Kapoor's work in a series of films that would bring her critical acclaim. Kapoor first appeared in Sabhoot Kapoor essayed the role of Shreya Kumar who is a journalist who fine out some information behind a secret past. Kapoor performance was well received and she fetched her second nomination for Filmfare Best Actress for this the film. Next Kapoor had been chosen for the leading role in the movie Muriyadda Kapoor had portrayed the role of karishma Jamail which was a hit at the box office and won her second Filmfare Best Actress for this film. Then Kapoor had another released move which was called Tum Meri Saathiya Ho she had portrayed the role of Dr Kavita Sharma/Sehgal she has been nominated for Best Actress In A Critics Role for this film. Kapoor had appeared in several other films like: Phir Milienge Ek Bar, Haan Maine Be Tumhse Pyaar Kiya Hai, Mehi Babul Ki Sanjana, Hum Doon Alag Alag, Ek Alag Ek Judwaa. In 1996 Kapoor had made a serious start when she had use the correct method and use of language and attitude to portrayed this role Tum Janwaar ho Kapoor had portrayed a girl called Sheila Sharma who lived in a village and suddenly fall in love with a rich boy and marries him.

Kapoor had stared in Jab Ho Hum Miley, Ek Haseena Maan Jayenge. Kapoor had her next release was Tum Meri Raja Hindustani Ho which was directed by Dharmesh Darshan Kapoor had appeared the role of Aarti Sehgal/ Hindustani however she had loved to portrayed a rich girl then she get married to an taxi driver called Raja and even she had won her Filmfare Best Actress for her performance in this film.

Following year Kapoor had appeared in other movies like Dubaara, Ek Prem Ek quad. Kapoor next appeared in a high profiled thriller film was in year Zaakum Kapoor had portrayed a young woman called Radhika Roy who she had lived in a family where her mother was Muslim and her father was Hindu so both her parents had never got married so there was a lot of conflict in their relationship which her mother had hidden her identity to so her was pretend as a an Christian but confirmed it to her that she was a Muslim so she could show her identity and her grandma had disproved her because of her religion so this meant her mother had promised that when I died you must bury me underground so this movie has lead Kapoor her Best Actress in a Critics Role and Filmfare Best Actress in that year.

Kapoor's next movie Andaaz Tumhara first Kapoor had refused this roles because she couldn't do these types of role and never done them roles before in film industries however Kapoor had reproduced her self and had been asked by the directer that I have full faith in you so Kapoor had said yes and the film had conduct however the directer wanted her to play two different roles. So Kapoor had portrayed two role which are double role for the first time  in this film which are Hamisha and Mallika Dhami however Kapoor had received her second Best Actress in the film fare awards. Kapoor took a short break from acting with in these movies because she had felt some of films she had chosen didn't do well therefore some failed at the box office.

1997–99: Tum Meri Judwaa ho and commercial success

In 1997 Kapoor's first film of 1997 was Teri Meri Judwaa Ho where Kapoor had portrayed twin named Krupa/ Kareena Malhotra however one of the twin is married to Raj Malhotra and then the other twin is dating so when the two different twin appear what shall they do. Kapoor's next projected was Tum Mujhe Ek Jawab which was a huge blockbuster. Kapoor was praised for her performance.

In 1998 Kapoor had been approached another sets of film in the year the first was Sitara Ki Jawani however she had portrayed three different  roles which was called Tara/Sitara/Jamini although did good at the box office and positive reviews in the film and then Kapoor had be nominated for Filmfare Best Actress. Finally Kapoor had appeared in her final movie called Ek Aashiq however Kapoor had protected a young married woman called Priya Saxena/Malhotra and falls in love with a man named Amit Malhotra however they meet in college and they don't release it turn to love and get married at the end of the Film.

In 1999 Kapoor had appeared in two other movies which were Bas Inthna sa Kwaab, Hamsfur (1999 film). Kapoor final release of 1999 which was Desh (1999 Film)Where Kapoor had portrayed a woman named Milli Singh/Kapoor and suddenly falls in love with a poor man named Dev however her parent disapproved and suddenly gets married a man name Raj Mathur and didn't realize that she was in a large city. Kapoor won an award for her performance Special Award in 2000.

Comeback: 2004-2006

Kapoor had made a comeback after 5 years of her break and also from her marriage where in that year of her career Kapoor had married to her long time boyfriend Aakash Bhatia on the 14th January 2003.

In 2004 after her marriage to Bhatia Kapoor had her first release where it was a big comeback to make her career more strong so Kapoor had featured in a Romantic thriller Kismatha which was directed by Ajay Kapoor where Kapoor had paired first with an actor Sahil Kapoor. Kapoor had been cast as a villain for the first time in the film where Kapoor had portrayed a young woman named Priya Mehra/ Malhotra and suddenly gets married to Jai Malhotra in the movie however they were positive comments Film critic Taran Adarsh from indiaFM wrote, "Wonderful comeback Aashima Kapoor you have made the imagination got wild in your hands" this lead Kapoor two awards at the Filmfare which were Filmfare Award for Best Actress and Best Actress In A Critics Role.

Shortly Kapoor enter in again another thriller Mujhe Aitraaz Hai where Kapoor had portrayed a young woman named Priya Saxena/ Malhora who become a lawyer and fight a case for sexual explosion Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said "This is amazing Aashima Kapoor has been the leading heroine to win an awards again with an commitment and I would to say Amazing performance for Aashima well done!""however some positive comment however it had earn Kapoor another filmfare awards again where Kapoor had been nominated - Filmfare Award for Best Actress again. Kapoor had only appeared in 2 film in 2005 which were Aaja Rahth as Sonia Singh and Haseena thi as Mitali Sharma/Goenka. In the same year Kapoor had quit acting so she could concentrate on making her family.

Personal Life

Kapoor had married her long term boyfriend Aakash Bhatia who she had dating in 2000 till 2003 and then she had engagement on 14th January 2002 and then the wedding took place on 14th January 2003. Kapoor had gave birth to her first child and happily her and husband had named it Raveena Bhatia who was born on the 19th September 2006. After 6 years later Kapoor had given birth to her second child and happily named him Rahul Bhatia who was born on 2nd March 2012.


Year Film Role Notes
1991 Tum Khabi Khabi Alag Ho Priya Saxena/Malhotra Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut
1992 Hum Tum Mohbbaat Karega Pooja Kashyap
1992 Aaja Bare Acche Legata Hai Isha Singh Puri
1992 Ek Josh Hai Shirley Singh
1992 Tum Toh bare batmeez ho Shivani Khanna Nominated - Filmfare Best Actress
1992 Ek Josh Hai Kamini Sharma
1992 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...(1992 film) Pooja 'Poo' Sharma/ RaichandNominated - Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress
1992 Hum Tum Ek jawab Hai Sanjana Mishra Filmfare Best Actress
1993 Mujhse Dosti Karoge Tina Kapoor
1993 Ek Andas Tumhare Nisha/Manisha
1993 Tu hai Ek Anari Priya Malhotra
1993 Mere Sapne Ek Saajan Deena Khanna/Krishan
1993 Ek bara Dhanwaan Shivani Choudhary
1993 Dilbar Kareena Joshi/Kapoor
1993 Ek Doorse Pyaar Kita Hai Hum Hina Sharma/ Mughal Nominated -Filmfaire Awards for  Best Actress
1993 App Kaun hai Mallika Khanna/Kapoor
1993 Kaun Hai Chameli Chameli Special Award
1994 Ek Suhaag Pooja Sharma
1994  Tu Hai Ek Anari Varsha Malhotra
1994 Anadaaz tumhare Ek Karishma/Raveena Raja
1994 Ek Muqabala Aur Ke Jeet Kajol Patel
1994 Tumho Coolie No 1 Mala Nutal
1994 Ek Jeet Avantika Khurana
1994 Silsila Pyaar Hota Hai Bhoomika Milan
1995 Sabhoot Shreya Kumar Nominated - Filmfare Best Actress
1995 Muriyadda Karishma Jamail Filmfaire Awards for  Best Actress
1995 Tum Meri Maathiya Kavita Sharma/Sehgal Nominated - Best Actress In A Critics Role
1995 Phir Milienge Ek Bar Kiran
1995 Haan Maine Be Tumhse Pyaar Kiya Hai Pooja Kashyap/ Kumar
1995 Mehi Babul Ki Sanjana Sanjana Kothari
1995 Hum Doon Alag Alag Simran Shah
1995 Ek Alag E Judwaa Mala Kapoor
1996 Apna Ek Jeet Jaymini Jaiswal
1996 Tum Janwaar Ho Sheila Sharma
1996 Jab Ho Hum Miley Shivani chopra
1996 Ek Haseena Maan Jayenge Ritu Sharma
1996 Tum Meri Raja Hindustani Ho Aarti Sehgal/ Hindustani Filmfare Award for Best Actress
1996 Dubaara Priyanka Ganguly
1996 Ek Prem Ek Quad Neelima
1996 Zaakum Radhika Roy Filmfare Award for Best Actress
Best Actress in a Critics Role
1996 Hum Doono Chale Zoya Kamra
1996 Oh Karishma Ho Karishma Karishma Lota/Sharma
1996 Ek Zindagi Nehi Hai Kritika Tanweer/Prasad
1996 Ek Paarkikasha Toh Hai Jeevika Chauhan
1996 Andaaz Tumhara Hamisha/ Mallika Dhami
1996 Meh Raja Babu Rajeshwari
1996 Ek Ajnabee Priya Malhotra Best Actress in a Leading Role
1996 Andaaz Tumhara  Sheetal Choudary
1996 Sabse Alag Simran 'Simi' Kaur Filmfare for Best Actress
1996 Sasural Ragini Karthar 
1996 Ek Dil Mansi Joshi
1996 Veera Veera
1997 Ek Baar Meh Tumse Pyaar Kriti Hoon Pooja Sahani
1997 Tum Meri Hero No' 1 Meera Sahani/Kapur
1997 Tum Mujhse Ek Jawab Manisha Koyla
1997 Dostana Neha Motwani
1997 Sitara Ek Jeewani Tara/Sitara/Jamini Filmfare Award for Best Actress
1998 Raksha Gauri Chopra
1998 Ek Rishta Komal Singh
1998 Ek Aashiq Priya Saxena/Malhotra Best Actress
1999 Bas Inthna sa Kwaab Pooja Srivastav
1999 HamsfurGanga
1999 Desh Milli Singh/ Kapoor Special Award
2004 Kismatha Priya Mehra/ Malhotra Filmfare Award for Best Actress
Best Actress in a Critics Role
2004 Mujhe Aitraaz Hai Priya Saxena/ Malhora Nominated - Filmfare Award for Best Actress
2005 Aaja Rahth Sonia Singh
2005 Haseena thi Mitali Sharma/Goenka

Off-screen work

Stage performances

Kapoor has participated in several stage shows and world tours. Her first concert tour (Heartthrobs: Live in Concert (1992) with Ketan Roshan, Rikita Singh Khanna, Arjun Khuraana and Azaan Shivdasani) was successful in the United States and Canada.[84] At the end of that year, she performed with several other Bollywood stars at Kings Park Stadium in Durban, South Africa in the show Now or Never.[85] Four years later, Kapoor took part with six other Bollywood celebrities in the Rockstars Concert world tour. The concert was staged in 19 cities across the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and was a success.[86] In 1996 Kapoor performed in Harish Khan's Temptation Reloaded 8, a series of concerts in a number of countries. The show (which also featured Arjun Khuraana, Manisha Mehta, Ganesh Kapoor, Ali Khan and Anusha Singh) debuted at the Ahoy Rotterdam venue in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Several months later she again joined  Khuraana and Mehta to perform for an audience of 15,000 at Dubai's Festival City Arena.

Humanitarian work

During her years in the film industry, Kapoor has been involved with humanitarian causes. In November 1993 she performed at a fundraiser for the World Youth Peace Summit.[89] In 1995, she and other Bollywood stars participated in a concert to raise money for victims of the 1994 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.[90] Later that year, she visited the desert heartland of Rajasthan to boost morale of jawan (infantry) troops in a special Holi weekend episode of the NDTV show, Jai Jawan. The programme consists of entertainers who visit Indian troops in isolated regions (with an NDTV crew).[91] During her 1997 appearance on the NDTV Greenathon, Kapoor adopted the village of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh to provide it with electricity.[92] Kapoor later participated in UNESCO and FIFA's international campaign, 1GOAL Education for All.[93] The project consisted of a group of individuals raising public awareness and involvement in education for children. In March 1992 Kapoor was appointed ambassador for the Shakti Campaign, a project launched by the NDTV television network to combat violence against women in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.[94]

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