Aaron Roberts (born 10 January, 1997) is an Australian musician. He is the drummer of the Australian industrial metal band, Burkenburg.


Early life

Roberts was born on 10 January, 1997 in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. He has multiple sisters, who are both older than him, making him the youngest of his siblings.

Roberts attended Melrose High School in Canberra, who he met Jarrad Burke later on. He graduated at the end of 2012, and now is attending Canberra College in the Woden Valley.


Roberts had always had an interest in music. He wanted to learn an instrument, so during his high school years he had chosen music as one of his main subjects to attend to, firstly practising the acoustic guitar. At first he thought he wasn't very talented at guitar, until he learnt it more, and did reasonably well with difficult tabs in songs he liked to play. Later on, he became interested in playing drums, and always insisted to try it out. When he first played the drums, he made a comment that "I just hopped on the drums and somehow, even after my first go, I could keep a beat and make my own beats too. It's like a hidden talent that I didn't even know about." He was close friends with Jarrad Burke, the vocalist of Burkenburg.

Roberts taught himself on playing drums continuously and insisted vocalist Jarrad Burke to help him do a recover of Du Hast by Rammstein. Burke finally agreed to make the recover. This later on lead the establishment of Burkenburg in June 2012.[1] Both original founders wanted to find a guitarist and a keyboardist, and managed to find James Tolstrup, who could play multiple types of guitar, and Ricky Stickland, a talented keyboardist.

In December 2012, Roberts and Burke announced that they were creating an album, which is still currently under composition.[2] He also released the announcement of the Lunacy and Death Stare, and made a comment that the drum beats in Lunacy "literally killed his feet and could only probably pull it off only once in a day."

Roberts stated he preferred electric drums over regular drums.

Personal life

Roberts prefers his personal life remained hidden from the outside world, so little is known about his personal life. He currently attends Canberra College along with Jarrad Burke who regularly like to practice in the Canberra College Performing Arts Centre. Roberts also enjoys playing many games on his PC.


Aaron Roberts focuses on the drumming in their eleven songs in their new album. This includes:

  1. Lunacy
  2. I Know You
  3. Dead Flesh
  4. Verrücktheit
  5. Silent Cries
  6. Lunatic Asylum
  7. Running Hard
  8. Du Hast
  9. Vengeance Is Mine
  10. Death Stare
  11. The Lonely Stalker

He also has been doing the drumming for the bonus tracks and the single.


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