Aaron J Christopher is an American actor and singer-songwriter and a business sellsman at sunshine family biz.

Aaron J Christopher goes to the Andrus Orchard School Aaron J Christopher gets bullied but he always focused on his studies.Aaron J Christopher favorites subject is math.Aaron J Christopher plays in a lot of shows and movies. Aaron J Christopher religion is Christianity. Aaron J Christopher likes being an actor on Halloween town,jessie,power rangers spd and more. Even though Aaron J Christopher gets bullied he still likes his teachers and mental therapist Ms.Saralyn Myers Ms.Nicole Russo and Ms Dorie Martin and bobby,nasheed,murphy.Aaron J Christopher loves his mom.

Aaron J Christopher is an American actor and singer-songwriter. Aaron J Christopher played in [Power Rangers S.P.D[ ,Jessie,Halloween town,Ant farm,The Big bang theroy,law and order svu, and more.

The songs that Aaron sings are stop being bad. Belive in yourself. Let it rain. Shut up and dance with me. Let it go. Exceptional and more [ Aaron J Christopher [ [ Full name Aaron Javieas Christopher ] [ Mothers Name Carmelita Christopher ] [ Born September12,2003 ] Age 12[

Aaron Javieas Christopher is also on YouTube search Aaron J Christopher Aaron J Christopher loves being on YouTube and Wikipedia

Aaron J Christopher was a actor when he was 11 Aaron J Christopher was a singer-songwriter when he was 10

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