Aadil Hussain Wani[ Aadil HUssain Wani At Upper Lake Bhopal M.P] (Urdu: عادل حُسين وانى) (born on 2nd september 1988) is mostly known for his humble nature and his Romantic attitude that reflects in his poems. He was Born at Achabal to Mohd Hussain Wani and Naseema Begum. He, from his childhood, was great towards studies but in his teen life He mostly worked towards the literature. He, however, has not published his poems. His works include Love poems like "love leads to destruction", nature poems like "Bird in Bondage" and few fantasy poems like "The Dream I had Seen". He is currently doing research in Zoology and is also writing a few stories and novels. In April 2011 He laid the foundation of his Company and named it Wani Game Studios that specializes in modding and building games for mobile devices without programming. The company's Website is

Poems♥♥♥. He has many poems to his credit including some relating to Love, some relating to nature as if inspired by WordsWorth. One of his love poem is as:-

     == Lovely Love ==
  • In your beautiful eyes
  • A sort of magic lies
  • You are a Fairy for me
  • Your eyes are like deep blue sea
  • Beauty flows from your face
  • U are most beautiful of today's race
  • Like a dark cloud is your hair
  • U are a flower, Brought up with care
  • Beautiful are you, Your lips are pink
  • In your deep eyes I want to sink
  • Something more with you, I want to share
  • Though you are very gentle but I feel fear
  • From my heart comes a voice
  • Give me place in your heart, so nice
  • I will write poems on your beauty
  • To love you will be my chief duty
  • I will not let tears in your eyes to come
  • I will keep this promise for years to come

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