Alexander Bagonza, better known by his stage name A Pass (and formerly APassKiller), is a Ugandan male musician and songwriter. He was born in Uganda on 21 December 1988.[2] A Pass states that his stage name comes from Alexander his last name and Pass from his picky nick name Percy.[3]

Performing career

The second born of seven siblings. He went to Kampala Kindergarten for my nursery school, Nakasero Primary School for my primary, Mary Land and St Lawrence, Cream land for secondary school. [4][5] A Pass has collaborated with carious musicians including, A.Y. (musician), Goodlyfe from uganda and Cinderella Sanyu among others.[6] A Pass has written songs for Bebe Cool [7]and co-written 'Love I fell' with Michael Ross[8]. He has recently released a single Wuuyo the official soundtrack to Uganda movie Bala Bala Sese[9]. A pass is commonly known to work with friend and producer Nessim and video producer Lukyamuzi Bashir under the record labe Badi Musik.


Some of A Pass's most popular songs include the following:

  • Love Infection
  • Am loving
  • Tulikubigere
  • KLA
  • I
  • Tetubatya
  • Wuuyo


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