A Night in the Woods is a 2011 British Horror film produced by Vertigo Films. It stars Anna Skellern, Scoot McNairy, and Andrew Hawley and is written and directed by Richard Parry. It is filmed in Found footage style.


On the 3rd September 2010, London resident Kerry (Anna Skellern) and her American boyfriend Brody (Scoot McNairy) set off to camp at a woodland in the countryside of Dartmoor. Brody brings his camera to document their trip. Kerry has invited her cousin Leo (Andrew Hawley) along to join them, in which at this point, Brody becomes jealous. They arrive at a train station to pick Leo up. Even though Brody's still jealous, he acts natural, and kindly greets Leo. On the way to the woods, they stop to a pub, where locals tell them the story of a legend known as The Huntsman, who hunts sinners, carves a cross on their forehead, and hangs them. As they arrive at the woods, Kerry and Leo spend a lot of time joking around together, in which makes Brody even more jealous, believing that Leo may not be Kerry's cousin at all. Brody confronts Leo and shows him a footage on his iPod where Leo had sneaked into Brody's and Kerry's home a while ago. Later that night, Brody sets up his camera in the tent hoping to try and catch Kerry and Leo out of a possible affair, and wanders off in the woods leaving them to it. While Kerry and Leo are in the tent, it is revealed that Kerry and Leo are not really cousins, and that they were once in love. Kerry only told Brody that Leo is her cousin to make things easier. They start having a fling, when Leo hurts Kerry. Leo tries to apologise to Kerry, but Kerry rejects him as soon as he mentions to her that Brody's only trying to replace her recently deceased father. Leo then leaves Kerry alone in the woods.

As Kerry is left alone, strange things start to occur. Very loud clanging noises are heard nearby, Kerry finds three gallows tied to a branch of a tree, and is then chased into the woods by an unseen force. She then gets knocked out, and the unseen force carves a cross on her forehead. She regains consciousness, and when she returns to the campsite, she discovers Brody's camera in the tent. She then realises that he has caught her and Leo out, which angers her. She then finds his laptop, and discovers thousands of video clips of Brody secretly filming her while in her private time. One clip includes Brody filming her having a nightmare while sleeping, and another clip shows Brody talking in front of the camera, planning to leave Kerry alone in the woods so she can experience a solitude that he once experienced in exactly the same wood 10 years earlier. This angers Kerry even more. She turns to the camera and threatens to hurt Brody. Kerry is then disturbed again when something violently shakes the tent. She then hears pained moans and groans somewhere in the woods. She goes to investigate, and finds a devastated Leo crouched down all bruised and cut. Kerry tries to help him, but he suddenly attacks her in a fit of rage. She is then chased by Leo into the woods, but she manages to outrun Leo as he won't come into the woods for some reason. Brody then appears out of nowhere. He is all bruised and cut, too. Kerry tries to fend Brody off, but Brody convinces her that Leo is not himself and that there's something else in the woods hunting them.

As Brody and Kerry try to find a way out of the woods, Kerry finds Leo's watch lying on the ground. Brody tries to grab the watch off her, but Kerry runs back the other way. Brody attacks her, but she manages to stab him to death. At this point, Kerry is once again alone and hunted. She then finds Leo's digital camera lying on the ground, and watches a clip of Brody being attacked and dragged away by something or someone. As she tries to find the way out, she discovers three dug up graves on the ground. She then hears demented screams calling her name nearby, then is violently attacked. The camera then cuts to black.

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