A Life Within a Day is the debut studio album by Squackett featuring Chris Squire (Yes) and Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis). It was released on 4 June 2012.


1. A Life Within A Day 6:35 Hackett/Squire/King
2. Tall Ships 6:18 Hackett/Squire/King
3. Divided Self 4:06 Hackett/Squire/King/Clabburn
4. Aliens 5:32 Hackett/Squire/King/Healy
5. Sea Of Smiles 5:25 Hackett/Squire/King
6. The Summer Backwards 3:00 Hackett/Squire/King
7. Storm Chaser 5:26 Hackett/Squire/King
8. Can't Stop The Rain 5:47 Hackett/Squire/King/Johnson/Sessler
9. Perfect Love Song 4:04 Hackett/Squire/King/Johnson


  • Chris Squire - bass, vocals
  • Steve Hackett - guitars, vocals
  • Roger King - keyboards
  • Jeremy Stacey - drums


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