A MENSA member is the first person to be appointed as the Chief Regional Scientist heading Aaride Internationale Inc’s DNA Repair/ Anti-Aging &Disease Prevention Division. He is also the first Asian who has been appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the AIHP Disease Prevention Programme Worldwide.Besides the above accolades, he was also offered the opportunity to be the Pro Chancelor of Johns Alwyn GIfted University, the most exclusive university the meant for high IQ gifted individuals from various professions highlighting the the latest global inventions and human safety aspect of life. In 1981, British MENSA in Wolverhampton, England accredited and certified to have an IQ of 180, based on the Cattel Scale, which is higher than the IQ of 99% of human population. Being born curious and inquisitive, enabled him part of numerous discoveries. Among these discoveries were him relating solar exposure on the surface area of leaves for quantifying total natural oxygen output. This is in line with the efforts of maximising the natural production output of Oxygen in the day time to miitigate global warming and environmental catastrophes. His invention of the following formula (4nAn(R3-r3))/3bv to quantify the amount of O2 secreted by tropical rainforest plants. Recently getting involved in the disease prevention sector, he has been conducting his own research. He is actively involved in the AIHPP Disease Prevention effort, and the movement is currently focused on the prevention of HIV and AIDS in Africa, among raising awareness about other diseases such as Hepatitis C and STD's and MRSA. Through the AIHP Programme, he personally donated and funded the supply of AGT-1 HIV Prevention Products to the government of countries such as Namibia and numerous others. The Mensa member is also the first AIHP Disease Prevention Programme Worldwide Deputy President who launched and sponsored the launch of the programme and personal donations in Chennai South India where new HIV cases are on the rise and also for the first time undertaken to sponsor the edcation and living cost of children whose parents are affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Early Life

He was born on the 1st of March 1964 to Mr Govindasamy Perumal and Madam Parvathy Munusamy in Northern Peninsular of Malaysia . His father was a plant tissue culture scientist who was born in Trichy, Tamilnadu in South India in 1932. Madam Parvathy was a homemaker. The couple had four children, and he is their second son. Since he was young, he was very interested in science and grew up as a curious child. This being his nature, he conducted many small scale experiments and came up with certain discoveries which impressed his family and relatives.

During his younger days, he was very close to his father and spent long hours in his father’s latex rubber plantation. His father , Sri Govindasamy Perumal ,he was trained in the field of improvising the latex rubber plant genetic by way of tissue cultures. he being very attached to the father started following his father to work when he was only 5 years old. There he used to witness the then contemporary cellular tissue culture methods to improvise the genetic costituent of tropical rain forest plants. In an interview with a magazine in 1990 his father stated that he believed that his son could have developed his inquisitive capacity from those childhood days. There was one very amusing incident which was witnessed by his uncle, Mr Subramniya Munisamy (who was a broadcaster with a local radio and television station) and his grandmother Mdm Senniyama(who helped Mdm Parvathy to take care of the hyperactive and handful boy, in 1969 who burst out in laughter when they related an incident to his mother Madam Parvathy Munisamy and Sri Govindasamy Perumal where they showed a picture drawn on the wall by him. Mr Subramanian Munisamy relates, “A picture with thousand stories but this pictures has only one gas story: showing drawing on the wall showing a tube inserted at back of a fat cow which connected to a home cooking gas tank which is connecting a gas stove boiling a pot of cow’s milk in the stove. In 1969 the picture on the wall of Sri Govindasamy’s house in the Nothern Peninsula of Malaysia near his latex rubber plantation was so amusing until it became a reality after 15 years where government of India venture into huge project of butane cooking gas production from the cow dung, Education

He completed his primary education in Bukit Baru Primary English School in Melaka. He pursued his secondary education in St David's Secondary Shool and completed his A levels in Gajah Berang English School & Malacca High School, Bandar Hilir, Melaka. In 1984, he ventured into getting his undergraduate degree and obtained his BSc (hons) from Univerity Putra in Malaysia in 1987. Following this, he pursued v post-graduate programs in Johns Alwyn Gifted University and Oxford University, United Kingdom & AGIT Gifted Institute of Technology in France. While he was in London in 1995 he was appointed to as the Advisor of a non-profit research organisation called Europran Aerospace Research Centrein London to design an anti-explosive aircraft fuel tank by using his fundamental invention of the formula in 1989 which focuses in increasing the surface over volumu ratio: (4nAn(R3-r3))/3bv

In 1997, he contributed to the UK Biomedical Research Centre, the importance of cyclic peptides in the natural DNA functions and mitigation of corrupted DNA or external factors which agitate human DNA leading to abnormal mutation and damage to the telomeres in the chromosomes. His invention of the mathematical formula (4nAn(R3-r3))/3bv maybe be useful as a fundamental basis in developing new human safety inventions and mitigating global warming and environmental disasters.

The mathematical formula invented by him in 1989 can be utilized to suit as a fundamental basis to apply to numerous situations in DNA micro analysis in the field of melecular medicine and micro-nano engineering and nano-robotics which are are going to be the future solutions to the global environmental disasters, mitigaton and reduction of side effect from drugs like cancer chemotherapy medication, mitigate dangers of using and consuming genetically modified food and materials in routine usage globally today. his formula was used by the team who designed Aaridtechz Solar Panels highlighted the importance of calculating and quantifying the usage of Infra Red Rays, Ultra Violet A & Ultra Violet B Rays coupled with total natural oxygen production ratio. The total estimated leaf area which is proportional to the photosynthesis which leads to high efficiency conversion of solar energy into essential nutrients and most of all the total Oxygen production. The equation formulated by him is as follows.


He is also a member of many exclusive clubs worldwide. For starters, he is a MENSA member, specially for individuals with high IQ’s. He is also a member of the Human Safety Division of AGIT Clinical Centre. He is also a member of UK Biomedical Research Centre, in London. Besides the above, he is a member of the European Aerospace Research Centre, Aviation Equipments’ Electromagnetic Waves Impact on Drastic Aging and Immuno- Suppression Effect on Human Cells. In 1995, he designed a non explosive aircraft fuel tank, when he was affiliated as an adviser with the European Aerospace Research Center based in Oxford Street, London.

Career Presently, he is the Regional Director for the Asia Pacific Region of Aaride International Group of Companies. He is also Aaride International’s Chief Scientist for Anti-Aging covering the EU & Asia Pacific Region.

Publications and Thesis His M Sc thesis was finding out the effects of Eurycomma longifolia hot water extracts consumed orally on a number of factors, namely blood testosterone levels in human beings, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, blood glucose levels and a few physical parameters such as body weight change. For his D.Phil Dessertation, he studied the changes to plasma containing Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Retrovirus ) with a viral load of 210,000 in plasma exposed to surfaces coated with Phytoserum Anti – Aging and Anti – Wrinkle compound incorporated into AGT-1 Dermatological Coating Agent by way of Polymerase Chain Reaction, a repititive process including the denaturation of double stranded DNA(dsDNA),annealing of primers and extension bound primers. One PCR cycle requires about 3 minutes: cycle is repeated usually 25-35 times. dsDNA is first heated to 95 – 100 oC to separate strands of duplex. During subsequent annealing phase, oligonucleotide primers hybridize either the 5’ or 3’ side of sequence of interest. Post annealing, a thermostable DNA polymerase from Thermus aquaticus (Taq) is used to catalyze the synthesis of new strands of DNA that are complementary to intervening sequences primed by opposing oligonucleotide primers. The detection of amplified DNA is by way of biotinylated primers generate tagged amplified DNA product that is then hybridized to immobilized probe complementary to portion of amplified sequences. This is followed by incubation with avidin conjugated to horseradish peroxide. This standard EIA format in a microplate yields a colorimetric readout for positive samples. This finding paved way for an innovative barrier protection technology whereby AGT -1 Liquid Gloves Coating ( which lasts for 9.5 hours on any surface including human skin ) Not only being a comprehensive antimicrobial agent but also proven to repair and rejuvenate HCW’s skin eroded by constant scrubbing ,allergic dermatitis and contact dermatitis due to SLS and Anionic Surtactants in the scrubbing liquids. This innovation also paved way towards reducing new infections of HIV and other infectious diseases which can be transmitted through the pinholes formed in latex gloves and latex condoms upon exposure to bodily fluids and blood (diameter of pinholes ranging from 5 microns to 70 microns) being an inevitable defect in most latex gloves and latex condoms despite being electronicaly size of pinholes prior to the packing process in the factory. The 5 to 70 microns diameter size of pinholes compared to the diameter of HIV virus which is 0.1 micron, Hepatitis and Human Papiloma Virus diameter which is less than 0.05 micron and future pandemic viruses which could be less than 0.05 micron is obviously a cause for concern. Prizes and Merit Scholarships won throughout career 1984 Tun Tan Cheng Lok Scholarship 1985 Citibank North America Merit Scholarship 1992 Aaride International Merit Scholarship 1995 UKBRC Excellence award 1996 European Aerospace Research Grant 2003 Dr Keller’s Excellence Award 2004 AIC Shareholders’ Gold Medal Responsibilites AIC Excellence Award Selection Committee – Asia and Africa Regional NC Sponsorship Coordinator for Bertraun Prize Senior Anti Aging Scientis for Aaride Anti Aging Exclusive Club Adviser to Aaride Top to Toe Anti Aging Club, L.A California Head of Aaride International New Investment Council for Asia Pacific

His Special InterestItalic textItalic text' Because of his vast knowledge when it comes to DNA repair, is interested in unlocking the mystery behind DNA properties & cellular aging, placing a major emphasis in prevention of essential polypeptide depletion and DNA Deterioration due to “human gene switch syndrome” towards rapid DNA damage leading to deadly diseases and non benign tumour formations with potentials to be malignant due to excessive exposure to pollutants and free radicals which drastically mitigate body’s natural collagen production. Such efforts gives hope that deadly diseases that are not curable currently but will, one day be curable, saving the lives of millions worldwide. Besides, since it is a reversal of an aging process, it may also be the foundation toward extending the human lifespan. Today’s challenge in feeding the billions and the compulsory quantification of a fixed low inflation rates to ensure that food and energy prices from rising uncontrollably victimising the public and he vast majority of average families, old folks and innocent children Sashkeller (talk) 11:07, 28 June 2012 (UTC)Cite error: Closing</ref> missing for [1]

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