AJR is a New York City based indie pop band comprised of three brothers: Adam Jack and Ryan. Self produced and recorded in their living room, their music inspires comparisons to both contemporary and classic artists, while still sounding completely their own.

AJR developed their performance style by busking in the parks in NYC and from there, the band performed at a variety of festivals, theaters, and stadiums including Lincoln Center, The Highline Ballroom, The Hershey Giant Center and The Bitter End. They are performing internationally and domestically with the likes of Hoodie Allen, Demi Lovato, X-factor performers and more. Their current single ‘I’m Ready’ is being featured on Sirius radio’s ‘20 on 20’ station. In addition to their music, the brothers have also appeared in films, television, commercials, theater, and print advertisements. With a stunning range of talents, both musical and not, Adam, Jack and Ryan are poised to reach a wide demographic while introducing a new sound and methodology for music making.

The brothers' collaborative style spans their writing, vocals, production and instrumentation. Adam, 23, and recent graduate of Columbia University, sings, plays bass and writes lyrics. Jack, 16, sings, plays guitar and contributes to songwriting all while still being in High School. Ryan, 19, currently studies at Columbia University and is the primary writer/producer for the group; in addition he plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings. Growing up in New York, Adam, Jack and Ryan started performing together in 2007 and are constantly inspired by the creativity and individuality that their city brings to the table.

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