Etienne Baheza (born January 1, 1993), better known by his Stage name A.T.M JEFF Is a Tanzanian Australia Pop, RnB, Bongo Flava artist. He is best known for his viral song "Love you” Etienne was born in Kigoma in a small town of Tanzania. He is the son of Yudes.

Musical career

Etienne recorded the Single “Love you” in mid 2010 at FNTS Living Music Studio in Western Australia which made Jeff popular in Australia. In 2011, he posted “Love you" on YouTube, where it became a viral hit after a few weeks. In 2012, he recorded a single, titled "Under 18" which was a big hit in all the singles he had release so far. Jeff has collaborated with other Tanzanian, Burundian and Australian artists such as John k-ay on his song "Gimme the kiss", G-Marl Jamal on "Hard Life" and Daniel ray on "Hard Life".

Fame and reputation

Jeff recorded his first single in 2010 in a home studio. By late 2011 his career visibility began to grow as he increased in fame when his song became a viral hit. Jeff was discovered and Performed on WTV in 2012. Jeff became visible enough in the mainstream TV that in 2012 WTV hired him for an advertisement to perform live on TV. Jeff was also been hired for opening up a show in South Australia for Bebe cool from Uganda. Jeff is also a leader of TAO BOIZ which he loves a lot. Even tho the people he started the crew with such as G-Marl Jamal and Malikizoh left, it didn’t mean anything to him. He believed that no matter what happens in this planet, we can still make things work. He’s best friend John k-ay who is also a member of TAO BOIZ never want to give up on TAO as he says ‘ I was born to sing, I do not care of who leaves, I care about who stays. It’s like when you performing some leave and some stays and those who stays are the ones who always gets what is prepared”. Jeff moved to Australia with his family in 2007. When they got in Australia, Jeff went to Melville senior high school where he did his IEC (Intensive English Class). The normal program was to be there for two years but Jeff was there for only one year and he was eligible to go to a normal high school. Jeff Since he was about 9 yrs old, he told his mother that no matter what happen he’s going to be a singer, but they didn’t believe him they thought he was just saying because he was still too young. But now they can’t believe it to what he’s doing right now. The way he started his singing career is unbelievable. He started singing covers for artists’ music while he is in bed sleeping or going out with his family, he used to sing to himself and all his brothers and sisters told him that he was crazy in what he was doing. Jeff is a young boy who started to get into music since he was born. Jeff is a singer who starts to sing in a choir.Hes also an Actor he has been in two movies was made in Perth western Australia called ”Black Magic" By his brother Fred Niyo'o and "Nothing is impossible By John k-ay.



Year Song Album
2010 "Love you" non-album single
2011 "Down no more"
"Hard Life" (with G-Marl Jamal) non-album single
2012 "It's true Love" non-album single
2012 "Under 18" Words from The Heart
2012 "Get you Wet"
"Not pretty sure"


Title Year Role Other notes
Last Tears 2010 Friend Extra
Nothing is impossible 2011 Bad boy Supporting role
Black Magic 2012 Killer Starring role


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