A.Paul is an electronic music producer/DJ and label Manager, born in Lisbon, Portugal in November 1971 as Paulo Pereira. His career started in 1987,[1][2] although his first contact with music was made at a very early stage, mainly through the hands of his older sister who would regularly listen to disco, funk, and electro sounds in the 70's. A.Paul also produces under the following aliases: Beat Therapy, Cronik Rebel, Eypol, Heilo Bitnik, Loudon Kleer, Luther Miek & Paulo Pereira.[3]


A.Paul's interests in dance music blossomed after the age of 13. After buying his first decks and mixer, including a couple of years of bedroom practice, he organized a few parties himself and later acquired his first residencies in clubs, through the hand of J.Daniel, who was DJ, party organizer and label owner in the 90's.[1] He owns Question of Time Records, a record shop and record label, where A.Paul would later release his first record "Juice" in 1995,[4] that was played by many top DJs worldwide and licensed to various labels and compilations,[1] and re-released in December 2011, in digital format.[5] Later A.Paul was also invited to be part of the Climacz project, the first after-hours club in Portugal, which was considered to be one of the first milestones of his career, he feels personally. In 1996, he became part of the Illegal Records project as a techno import manager, he was invited to be resident at the club Kremlin. In 1997 he joins the X-Club, DJ Agency and party organizer in Portugal.[1] Soon after he founded his first labels, Squeeze Records from 1996-2000 and Onh.Cet 1998-2000,[6] "which were two relevant projects that helped define and polish his sound." he felt. At this time A.Paul was also already playing quite a lot as free lancer. "Portugal was at its peak in terms of electronic music popularity" he explains and A.Paul was playing at one point every weekend at different parts of the country. For A.Paul advises "it was inevitable that he would decide to stick to this option for his career, as opposed to be resident in a club, where he would be more limited in terms of music taste." Other projects developed by A.Paul at that time include sound engineering, journalism and also graphic and web design.[1] A.Paul was voted best Portuguese techno DJ in 2000, 2001, and 2002 by the readers of Dance Club, the main electronic music media vehicle in Portugal. 1994 to 2000 was when A.Paul decided to start exploring the international market. Due to "A decline in quality and quantity of events and techno culture" as he describes about Portugal.[1] The crises lead him to invest his time in a music production career, which was quiet for a few years due to the higher demand for DJ previously. In 2001 he opened Genesis record shop, but it would be a few years later that he created Naked Lunch Records a techno label. He was also co-owner of MPC Vinyl Distribution Feb 2007 -2012,[2] with his long time friends Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and michaelangelo, where he also released his other labels The Light, Parallel 125, Dirty Ego, LK and Xtractz on Vinyl.[1] A.Paul had re-launched his former label Onh.Cet, Veron EP in November 2012.[7] Outside of music, A.Paul has also worked in "journalism and also graphic and web design", he advised in a recent interview, with an Italian techno website.[8]


A.Paul has produced over 900 tracks and released over 100 vinyl records under his various aliases, and mixed several compilations released on labels like: Kombination Research, Synewave, Planet Rhythm, Italo Business, Pure sonik, Mastertraxx, Beat Disaster, Yin Yang, Impact Mechanics and has remixed such artists as The Advent, Ben Sims, Eric Sneo, Angel Alanis, Orlando Voorn, Damon Wild, DJ T-1000, Virgil Enzinger, Robert Armani, Dave the drummer, Dj Preach, Mike Humphries, Spiros Kaloumenos, Torsten Kanzler, Bas Mooy, Housemaster Boyz and many more.[1]

A.Paul has released under the following labels: Cutz, 4 Kenzo, Aenaria Tech, Amigos Recordings, Analog Mode, Analytic Trail, Beat Disaster, Black Pitch Music, Bush Records, Codeworks, Difference Recordings, Dirty Ego, DJ Pro Records, Drakos Recordings, Ekho Port, Epoch Worx, Evil Forces, Genesis Records, Impact Mechanics, Intravenous Cuts, Intuition Recordings, Kamikaze Records, Kaos Records, Kombination Research, Labyrinth Records, LK Music, Mastertraxx, Naked Lunch, Omega Audio, Onh.Cet Records, Paradise Records, Parallel 125, Patterns, Pick Pocket, Pirate Audio, Question of Time, RMX Records, Squeeze Records, Stream Recordings, Substance Music, Synewave, Tech On, The Light, TMM Records, Triple Recordings, Tsunami (X-Club), UMM, Virale Records, Warning Inc, World Music Records, Yeti Records, Yin Yang.[6] See full discography

A.Paul has been charted by the following artists: Agent, Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000, Anderson Noise, Andreas Kremer, Axel Karakasis, Bas Mooy, Ben Long, Ben Sims, Carl Cox, Carl Falk, Celtec Twinz, Chris Liebing, Christian Fischer, Damon Wild, Danny Tenaglia, Dj Misjah, Dj Murphy, Echoplex, Eric Sneo, Felix Krocher, Gene Le Fosse, Ian Void, Ignition Technician, Joel Mull, Jim Masters, Luca Ricci, Marco Lenzi, Mark EG, Mark Williams, Markantonio, Marko Nastic, Mhonolink, Mike Humphries, Pascal FEOS, Pedro Delgardo, Spiros Kaloumenos, Steve Rachmad, Sven Wittekind, Takkyu Ishino, The Advent, Trevor Rockcliffe, Umek, Vitamin D, Wehbba, to name but a few.[6]


6th Best Techno Album "Neurofunk" (October 1998) - DJ Magazine UK Best Techno Compilation "Solid" (Universal Music 1998) - Feira Mix Awards PT Best Portuguese Techno DJ (2000, 2001, 2002) - Dance Club Magazine PT Several tracks #1 Techno Sales Downloads @ Several tracks #1 Techno Sales Downloads @ Several tracks #1 Techno Sales Vinyl @ [6]

Past Events

He has played in events such as Awakenings (Holland), Rock in Rio (Lisbon), Nature One (Germany), Evolve (Canada), Liberty White (Belgium), Decibel (Holland), PACT (Holland), Boomerang (Slovakia), Aquasella (Spain), La Nuit Rouge (France) and in European clubs like; Tresor (Germany), Fabrik (Spain), Row 14 (Spain), Moog (Spain), U60311 (Germany), Ostgut (Germany), Palazzo (Germany), Poema (Holland), Panama (Holland), Macumba (Spain), Locomia (Portugal), Kadoc (Portugal) and Rocks (Portugal).[1] See full past events list


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