A.J. Jenkins (Singer/Songwriter) is a musical artist who specializes in educational children's music. Jenkins writes for the organization "KidsTV123". He was born in France, and sings in both English and French. Jenkins' work includes clever, educational lyrics; along with the voice of an indie folk artist. His music is popular among parents as they provide a simple, easy way for children to learn the numbers and alphabet.

Jenkins was born in Bourgogne, France in 1964. He grew up in a family led by only his mother. His three sisters, Alice, Chantal et Claire, accompanied him through his childhood as the family visited their summer home in Nice, France.

Jenkins' career started as a musician as he left high-school and worked as a social worker in Bourgogne. He had learned to play the guitar as a boy, and continued playing on his own while occasionally performing at night clubs and bars alongside his friends in duet and trio acts. Jenkins began writing children's music at the age of 38. In 2003, he released his first song, titled "In the Alphabet". This song included a catchy tune along with simple lyrics that was designed to teach letters to young, pre-school aged children.

Jenkins went on to write many other educational songs such as "What's the Time" and "Let's Count up to Ten". He released these in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Jenkins burned CDs and distributed these works manually for three years, until 2009 when he turned digital and created a YouTube page. Jenkins also put his music on Amazon MP3 to be purchased by parents and teachers.

Jenkins has lived an elusive life, straying from the spotlight and leaving his music to be enjoyed by the children it was written for.


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