AJ Joshi (born November 5, 1979) is a London born internet entrepreneur.[1] In 2013, Joshi co-founded Sivvr, a creative agency and mobile app company.[2][3]

Early life and career

Joshi was born and raised in London, UK. While at college, Joshi launched his first company selling mobile phone accessories online. In November 2001, Joshi launched with a friend, one of UK's first internet radio stations and went on to win Best Radio Station at the People's Choice Awards[4] beating Capital Fm, Choice Fm and BBC 1Xtra. In 2007 was nominated as the best website for the Kickers Urban Music Awards UK.[5][6] In January 2004 he launched with another friend. The same year was nominated UK's largest independent music store.[7]

In 2000, at the age of 21 Joshi founded The Secret Network, better known later as TSN.[8] In 2012 Joshi co-founded Incipio Academy,[2] an online educational network and live events company for personal development and alternative education. In Incipio Academy people can take online courses and improve their personal and professional skills.[7]

In 2012 Joshi founded the One Wish Foundation which focuses on children displaced against their will from normal society, children of war, orphans and broken families.[9] In 2013 Joshi co-founded Sivvr,[10] a creative agency and app development company based in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco.[11]

In 2015 Joshi founded Valens, a health care and supplement company based in London & Los Angeles. In the same year he founded along with friends, an initiative driven by Periscope broadcasting live events for charitble causes.[12]


Joshi was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the year (2015) in the UK.[2] He was recognized as a Top 70 digital leader by the United Nations in June 2015.[13]


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