8 Flavahz is an eight member, all girls dance crew from Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. 8 Flavahz is under the direction of Marcelo Pacleb of 24vii Danceforce in Hawaii, These incredibly talented girls were selected to work with lead choreographers, Kelsey Park and Josh Ofoia. This dynamic group of dancers is a mixture of style, passion, versatility, fun, and love. Purpose driven, these girls are a representation of diversity in a global dance community. Their signature colors show individuality that is brought together to achieve unity. Established in 2011, Marcelo's vision was to put together young talent from his home studio of 24vii to audition for ABDC Season 6. The original members of the group all came from Hawaii. Although they did not make it onto the show, FLAVAHS continued to perform in showcases and competitions. Later in the year, a group of girls from the collectiveUth family from LA and North Carolina were invited to perform with FLAVAHS & Frenz in WOD (World of Dance), Where they placed 3rd behind 24vii's own adult piece and Hypersquad. It was during that time that the ingredients of FLAVAHS was being played with. There was potential for a new dynamic recipe and blend current members of the crew. While the direction is in Hawaii, it has been up to the members in LA to learn and rehearse choreography from video. It is that extreme dedication and drive that makes this concoction so special. The name FLAVAHS (with an S) became FLAVAHZ (with a Z) Crew just a couple of nights prior to the ABDC Season 7 audition. The visual esthetic of the sharp, straight lines made more sense and seemed natural.


Week Challenge Music Result
1: Britney Spears Challenge None "3" Safe
3: Madonna Challenge Incorporate voguing "Vogue"
4: Drake Challenge Become connected at some point "Find Your Love"
5: Jennifer Lopez Challenge Incorporate salsa dancing, Incorporate trumpets "Let's Get Loud"
6:Pitbull Challenge None "Hey Baby" featuring T-Pain
7: Rihanna Challenge Create a fire effect and extinguish it "Birthday Cake"
8: LMFAO Challenge Recreate the group blow-up from the video, and incorporate "The T-step" and "The Spongebob". "Party Rock Anthem" Bottom 2
9:David Guetta Challenge Gloving, Move like dolls and Gliding "Memories" Featuring Kid Cudi "Turn Me On" Featuring Nicki Minaj "Without You" Featuring Usher Safe
10: Katy Perry Challenge None "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" Runner-Up

Weekly Summaries

Week 1: Britney Spears Challenge

8 Flavahz kicked off the season, performing to mastermix of Britney Spears's "3". Their performances pleased the crowds, and good comments from the judges.

Week 3: Madonna Challenge

8 Flavahz's challenge in the third week was to incorporate voguing , while performing to a mastermix of Madonna's "Vogue"

Week 4: Drake Challenge

In the fourth week, 8 Flavahz. received the Drake song "Find Your Love" and the challenge was to become connected at some point.

Week 5: Jennifer Lopez Challenge

In the fifth week 8 Flavahz were given the challenge of incorporating salsa dancing and They were also given another challenge incorporating trumpets , while performing to songs by the artist Jennifer Lopez. 8 Flavahz received the JLo song "Let's Get Loud"

Week 6: Pitbull Challenge

In the sixth week each crew was given a country and an international dance style to incorporate into routines that were set to the music of Pitbull. 8 Flavahz got the country France and their dance style is Can-can

Week 7: Rihanna Challenge

8 Flavahz will be performing to mastermix of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake". And they need to create a fire effect and extinguish it.

Week 8: LMFAO Challenge

In the eight week 8 Flavahz needs to recreate the group blow-up from the video, and incorporate "The T-step" and "The Spongebob". The song given to them was "Party Rock Anthem".

Week 9: David Guetta Challenge

This week 8 Flavahz need do some gloving, gliding and move like dolls. They have 3 songs "Memories", "Turn Me On", and "Without You". They made it to the Top 2 with Electrolytes.

Week 10: Katy Perry Challenge

8 Flavahz danced to the music from the upcoming concert film "Katy Perry: Part of Me" They were only announced as a Runner up.



  • Camren Bicondova appeared in Battlefield America



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