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One man. One woman. Alone in the Pacific Ocean. In a six foot rubber boat. For 66 days. And 66 nights.

This story begins in the far reaches of a dark and very desolate Pacific Ocean after dozens of mother pilot whales hammered through the hull of Siboney, our boat and our home.

Siboney quickly filled with water, the weight of the lead keel drawing it towards the bottom two miles below. Moments before my ever-faithful vessel sank, my wife, Simonne, and I inflated and boarded a six-foot plastic life raft. This was to be our home for the next sixty-six days and nights.

In pounding seas, propelled by a fierce southerly wind, 1200 miles from shore, lost in every sense of the word, our lives depended entirely on our fragile vessel. On the second day adrift, with two drops of brandy, we christened it Last Chance. She was truly to become Our Last Chance.

During the following 66 days we fought for our lives against storms, sharks, hunger and frustration. Along the way both of us embraced God and His amazing grace.

This is a story for young and old, landlubber and old salt, believer or not, man or woman, and for everyone who has a dream shattered only to find a better world upon awakening.

Join the Butlers on their epic journey. The true story by Bill Butler, 66 DAYS ADRIFT, published by McGraw-Hill, is available at bookstores worldwide.

AMAZING COINCIDENCES… OUR THREE PATHS CROSSED A map of the Pacific Ocean with our 66 day voyage tracked from start to finish amazingly crossed the paths of two other sailors whose boats sank and were cast adrift. On June 15, the same day we sank except their boat went down in 1972, the Baileys drifted 117 days before rescue! We also crossed the track of the Dougal Robertsons, who with several children, drifted for 38 days. Amazing!!! Small world!

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