The 3D Test of Antisemitism is a theory developed by Natan Sharansky, a prominent Jewish leader and current chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The 3D Test of Antisemitism defines the limits of legitimate criticism towards the State of Israel, it's actions and policies and a non-legitimate criticism that becomes Antisemitic.

Main Concepts

The theory can be implemented on many different situations. A person can analyze a news story, op-ed, interview or even a protest and see if the criticism being made in it crosses the border of at least one of the following "D's":


The term Delegitimization refers to the denial of the right of Israel to exist. This claim harms the right of Self-Determination of Jews, and therefore discriminates Jews by denying their basic right for Self-Determination. Any discrimination against a specific ethnic, religious, racial or national group is considered as a type of Racism.

Double Standards

The second 'D' refers to the application of different sets of principals on similar situations. If a person criticizes Israel and only Israel on certain issues, but chooses to ignore similar situations conducted by other countries he is performing a double standard policy against Israel. The implementation of a different moral standard for Jews and Israel, just like the Delegitimization claim, discriminates against a specific group.


The last 'D' refers to the portrayal of certain groups as evil, demonic, or Satan. If the criticism uses metaphors, images or rhetoric that implies that the Israelis or Jews are evil, it is once again a projection of Antisemitic Blood libels and rhetoric.

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