2923 Wold Avenue is a private home in the historic Cincinnati neighborhood, East Walnut Hills.

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This stately home was built for one of Cincinnati's most prominent families, the Hudepohls of brewery fame. Purchased by Mary E. Hudepohl and Helen Bering from Scarborough at the turn of the century, it remained in the family for decades. Celia Hudepohl Hesselbrock, the daughter of Louis Hudepohl, founder of the Hudephohl Brewery Company in 1885 and her husband John Hesselbrock, lived in the home while he served as General Manager of the company beginning in 1928. After his death in 1950, she took over the company until she turned it over to her son, John A Hesselbrock. The entire family was well noted for its philanthropy and business contributions to the community. Other local Hudepohl residences can be found at 3026 and 2714 Cleinview Ave.

Always recognized by local residents as a very dignified home, the house presents a sturdy and strong facade. Step across the street and note how the lines of the home present an impression of aristocracy. Note the large entryway, the well proportioned porch and the overall general symmetry of the home. Note the flow of the interior, the use of wood and the placement of windows, allowing light from the outside to accentuate the details inside. The energy of this home, presented in the structure, is certainly reflective of the energy of the family who built it.

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