244 Endli-x (pronounced: Tsuyoshi Endlichs) is a renamed solo project of singer/songwriter Domoto Tsuyoshi which was previously named ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI. The project began in 2008 as the announcement of 244 Endli-x first Live Tour I and 愛 that started in March. The name itself was supposed to sound "Tsuyoshi Endlichs", which 244 stands for Tsuyoshi. Tsu(Japanese way of pronouncing two) Yo and Shi means four in Japanese.


In 2008, Domoto Tsuyoshi aka ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI renamed his solo project to 244 Endli-x and announced on his official website that his solo project will go on its first tour "I and 愛" since it was renamed. The tour will start on March 29 at the Yokohama Arena and end in Sendai on May 8.

On March 18, the PV of "Help Me Help Me" has been surrounding. Even though this song was not released as a single but the story of the PV gave an interesting shot of 244 Endli-x was cutting his own hair.

On April 2, single "Kurikaesu 春" was released. A funky-techno sound became the main point of this song. The Animation PV for ""Kurikaesu 春 was done by Production I.G Which have been involved in the production of several anime television series, OVA and theatrical films, such as the Ghost in the Shell series, "The End of Evangelion", Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+, xxxHolic, and many others. "Kurikaesu 春" ranked 2nd on Oricon weekly charts.

244 Endli-x's album I and 愛 is the former standing for himself and the latter for the album's theme of love, it is released on April 02, 2008. .For this album, 244 Endli-x collaborated with female singer songwriter Bonnie Pink for the song "Now's the time to change The world!" and "Say Anything" which together they wrote the lyric. He also teamed up with ex-Psy-S vocalist Chaka for "Yellow" and "Haru Namida".This edition comes with a four-page double-sleeve cover and foldable lyric cards. The new single "Kurikaesu 春" is not included on this release.

In 2009, Domoto Tsuyoshi ended the 244 Endli-x project and start the new solo project Tsuyoshi (剛紫).


I and 愛 (2008)

Disc 1
  1. 朽ち果て
  2. Let's Get FUNKASY!!!
  3. 深紅な SEPPUN
  4. Yellow
  5. Gotta find the way to go !
  6. Love is the key
  7. Help Me Help Me
  8. 春 涙
  9. SPACE kiss
  10. Silent love
  11. H/A/P/P/Y
  12. arco iris
  13. 愛 get 暴動 世界 !!!
  14. Now's the time to change The world !
  15. Say Anything
Disc 2 (Live CD -Official Bootleg-)
  1. Blue Berry-NARA Fun9 Style-
  2. ソメイヨシノ
  3. Chance Comes Knocking.
  4. Rainbow wing from「Neo Africa Rainbow Ax」FUNKY PARTY 2007 at The ENDLI. WATER TANK2


  • 2 April 2008: Kurikaesu 春


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