2419 Record Label is a Dutch independent record label. founded in Utrecht in 2011, notable for discovering underground artists in jazz, electronica & Indie.

Founded by music producer Simon Sixsmith, graphic designer Paul Wolterink & Pete Brennan AKA DJ Chemikal Pete from their experiences as part of the Dutch DJ collective The Puha Hu$tlers, the label's number 2419 (which refers to the The Armistice Carriage) is the catalogue number for the Label itself, each subsequent release is given a catalogue number counting down from 2419. When the number 0000 is reached the label intends to close it's doors.


Many of the first releases were acts signed from the now defunkt Dutch label Beluga Recordings, with both labels operating out of Black Box Studios in Utrecht, home to label co-founder Simon Sixsmith who produced many of the Dutch-based acts. Dutch acts such as Bram Stadhouders, Black Gold 360 & Koen Scherer were released alongside European artists such as Dr Perceptron & EX PMX.

2419 Record Label took the core of these Beluga Recordings artists and released them alongside emerging Dutch talent such as Jelle Buma & Bodypolitics and many of like-minded international acts like Fernando Laub & The Bleeding Mouth Sing-along Band.

The label more recently began to expand outside of electronica & jazz by signing Indie Rock bands such as Bodypolitics, Firefriend & EIMIC

Artists past and present

  * Basnie
  * Black Gold 360
  * Bram Stadhouders
  * Cousin Lou
  * DJ Fontana
  * Dr Perceptron
  * Everything is Made in China (EIMIC)
  * Fernando Laub
  * FireFriend
  * Fox Mulder
  * Fukkitol
  * J. Dujardin
  * Jelle Buma
  * Kluge Leute
  * Koen Scherer
  * Nik Snake F
  * ParkerKowalski
  * Rosamunde
  * The Bleeding Mouth Sing-along Band
  * The Plastic Jazz Orchestra

Compilation albums

  • 2419 Record Label Compilation

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