Date 20 August 2012
Location Echilitash border outpost, Issyk-Kul Oblast, Northern Kyrgyzstan
Result Mass killing
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Frontier Force(KFF)
  • Issyk-Kul border unit
Commanders and leaders
Balbai Kulbarak uulu  
KFF Issyk-Kul border unit ( 6 Border Guards ) 1 deserter guard
Casualties and losses
4 KFF guards Killed 1 deserter guard Killed
1 civilian Killed

On 20 August 2012, at the Echilitash frontier outpost that served as the Issyk-Kul border units command headquarters, 19 year-old Kyrgyz border guard Balbai Kulbarak uulu in a state of desertion fired at his fellow servicemen with a rifle instantly killing four; the outpost commander, senior soldier, warrant officer, junior soldier. A fifth visiting civilian wife of one of the guards was also killed as a result of the gunshot fire. The three other Kyrgyz guards who occupied the border crossing fled in a car upon hearing the shooting take place in the main building.

Kulbarak fled the scene in a stolen car. He was confronted in a nearby gorge the next day while attempting to detect to the Uzbek border. A firefight ensued between police officials and the gunman evidentially leading to his death.[1]

The motive although unknown has been stated to involve "hazing" the bullying of younger servicemen.


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