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Web page

Committee members

 Ivan De Winne (chairman), Beatrijs Versichel, Chris Cambré, Willy Beyen, Roger Van Nieuwenhuyze,
 Ronnie Van Heue, Claudine Lybaert, Brecht Dekeyser, Peter Vandendriessche

Meetings and events • Committee member meeting Saturday 2012 Feb 4th in Gent

 Subject: preparation GeoGebra Awards 2012
 - Construction of website
 - Sponsoring
 - Jury

• GeoGebra Awards 2012

 Date: Wednesday 2012 May 16
 Location: Microsoft Executive Briefing Center for European Innovation (Brussels)
 Participants: about 20
 This contest was a great success.

• Mathematical days at Kortrijk

 Date: 2012 Nov 17th and 24th
 Location: Kortrijk

• Committee member meeting Saturday 2012 Dec 15th in Gent

 Subject: further development of the GeoGebra Institute Flanders
    development of website
    extension of the Committee
    app for I-Pad and Android tablets

Development and Sharing

 Versions 4.0 and 4.2 of the program have been translated into Dutch

Activities in 2013

 Organization of the second day of GeoGebra.
 Participation to workshop University of Nijmegen (Netherlands): 2013 May 13
 Technical fair 2013 (Mechelen, Belgium): 2013 Mar 13th


 Further development of website
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