2009/2010 season

The Pitbulls were based at the John Nike Ice Rink in Frogmore Street, Bristol.

In their first friendly of the 2009/10 season they played the Oxford City Stars from ENIHL South Division One. Both Richie Hargreaves and his Brother Mike 'Killer' Hargreaves, who is also the Captain for the Pitbulls in their first year, used to play for the Stars.[1] The Pitbulls lost 7-4 on home ice, but won 6-4 in a return leg against the Stars in Oxford the following day.

After a successful pre-season and a heavy recruitment period, the Pitbulls took to the ice for their opening match of the season facing off in the ENHL Cup with a double-header against the Vectis Tigers on the weekend of 5 September 2009. The Pitbulls finished that weekend with a 100% record after beating the Tigers 9-3 on home ice, and emerging victorious by 8-6 on the road.[2]

On 19 September 2009 the Pitbulls competed in their first league match of their inaugural season against the Slough Harrier Hawks in which they achieved a 13-2 victory over the Hawks.[3]

On 20 September 2009 the Pitbulls played the Cardiff Satans and achieved a 2-2 draw.[4]

Most recently, the Pitbulls qualified for the semi-final of the ENHL Cup with three games to spare.

Club Roster 09/10

Number Player Owned & Loaned By Acquired Date of Birth Birthplace
35 England John Dibble Kate Donachie 2009 18/12/1987 Salisbury, England
91 England Laurence Lawson Perry Davies 2009 18/08/1991 Bristol, England
Number Player Owned & Loaned By Acquired Date of Birth Birthplace
6 England Ben Moody Jimmy Eyre 2009 Bristol, England
10 England Joe Lock Pesky 2009 26/08/1987 Bristol, England
14 Wales Tom Evans Max Davies 2009 23/02/1991 Cardiff, Wales
16 England Tom Egerton Anne-Marie Goodman 2009 28/01/1992 Bristol, England
18 England Matt Phelon 2009 27/03/1985 Bristol, England
22 England Mike Hargreaves - C Max's Barber Shop 2009 02/12/1979 Bristol, England
37 England Richie Hargreaves - A Stuart Latham 2009 27/05/1978 Bristol, England
Number Player Owned & Loaned By Acquired Date of Birth Birthplace
9 England Marcroy Smith Kia Tonkin 2009 06/05/1986 Swindon, England
11 England Jamie Chilcott Advanced Scaffolding Ltd 2009 11/03/1991 Bristol, England
20 England Mike Smith - A 2009 06/04/1977 Bristol, England
26 England Paul Davies 2009 26/01/1987 Telford, England
50 Wales Sam Hayman Flyfifer Photography 2009 30/10/1987 Cardiff, Wales
81 England Luke Merrick M.Loveridge Decorating 2009 24/05/1987 Bristol, England
83 England Steve Osman 2009 17/08/1987 Swindon, England
84 Australia Adrian Esposito - A J&R Drycleaners 2009 01/02/1985 Eastwood, Australia
87 England Liam Williams Jimmy Eyre 2009 17/08/1992 Bristol, England

Fixtures & Results 09/10

Current League/Cup Stats

League Stats Cup Stats

Competition Date Venue Vs. Score
ENHL Cup 05/09/2009 Home Vectis Tigers WIN 9-3[dead link]
ENHL Cup 06/09/2009 Away Vectis Tigers WIN 8-6[dead link]
League 19/09/2009 Home Slough Harrier Hawks WIN 13-2[dead link]
League 20/09/2009 Away Cardiff Satans DRAW 2-2[dead link]
ENHL Cup 03/10/2009 Home Basingstoke Buffalo WIN 6-2[dead link]
ENHL Cup 04/10/2009 Away Swindon Wildcats LOSE 4-2
ENHL Cup 11/10/2009 Away Solent & Gosport Devils WIN 11-1
League 17/10/2009 Home Cardiff Satans WIN 5-4
ENHL Cup 24/10/2009 Home Solent & Gosport Devils
League 25/10/2009 Away Slough Harrier Hawks
League 07/11/2009 Home Lee Valley Lions
ENHL Cup 08/11/2009 Away Basingstoke Buffalo
ENHL Cup 21/11/2009 Home Swindon Wildcats
League 22/11/2009 Away Vectis Tigers
League 05/12/2009 Home Streatham Bruins
League 13/12/2009 Away Streatham Bruins
League 19/12/2009 Home Vectis Tigers
League 20/12/2009 Away Romford Fury
League 09/01/2010 Home Swindon Wildcats
League 10/01/2010 Away Chelmsford Warriors
League 23/01/2010 Home Chelmsford Warriors
League 24/01/2010 Away Swindon Wildcats
League 30/01/2010 Home Romford Fury
League 06/02/2010 Away Lee Valley Lions
League 13/02/2010 Home Basingstoke Buffalo
League 14/02/2010 Away Solent & Gosport Devils
League 27/02/2010 Home Invicta Mustangs
League 28/02/2010 Away Basingstoke Buffalo
League 20/03/2010 Home Solent & Gosport Devils
League 21/03/2010 Away Invicta Mustangs


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