Four new Machin definitive stamps were released on 28 March 2006. The values are 37p and 44p (which have previously been issued in different colours); and 49p and 72p, which are new values.

Although first and second class first weight postage increased from 30p to 32p and 21p to 23p respectively, these definitives will continue to be represented by the blue and gold NVI stamps.

The basic worldwide rate also increased to 50p but this would be represented by the existing 50p stamp, and the worldwide 40g rate would be represented the existing universal worldwide NVI stamp.

Reason for issue

The Royal Mail's postage rates increased on 3 April. These new stamps were issued to cover the new postage rates.

Stamp Details

File:2006 definitives (british postage stamps).jpg

The 37p stamp represents second class, second weight postage, and the colour changed from lime green to olive green. The European postage for airmail items up to 20g increased from 42p to 44p and the colour changed from dark turquoise to ultramarine. The 49p (rust) stamp represents the first class, second weight postage. The 72p (red) stamp represents 2nd weight airmail postage to the rest of the world.

The face value of the set was £2.02.

In addition to "standard" definitives, Country Definitives were also issued for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, in the values of 44p and 72p.

File:2006 country stamps (british postage stamps).jpg

Machin Definitives

Country Stamps As above, however Northern Ireland stamps are printed in lithography

Other items

Two Presentation Packs were issued, one for the four new definitive stamps and one for the eight new country stamps. First Day Covers were also available, five in total, one for the new Machin stamps and one for the two stamps from each country.

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