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One Nil is a game invented by Elizabeth and Antony Woodhouse. The game consists of telling your friend to look at something that isn't actually there and then saying 'one nil'. Players will usually start safe and believable, but eventually make extravagant assumptions to make their friend look even more foolish for looking.


  1. The one nil-er must get a response before declaring one nil.
  2. There must not be anything actually there when you declare one nil, if there is then the point is automatically rewarded to the one nil-ee.
  3. When saying the phrase, the first finger and thumb are set into an I shape, then brought together to form an O. This is to represent the 1-0 scoring system.


The first known use of the phrase was in August 2012, but later reestablished in early 2013 between Elizabeth Hearney and Antony Woodhouse at Flegg High School in Martham, UK. This phrase is used because its like keeping score of how many times you've tricked eachother but without the score ever actually increasing, making it easier to play over long periods of time.


Antony: look at that spider!
Dan: *turns and looks*
Antony: one nil haha as if you actually looked, idiot!

Sophie: look at how pretty I am
Jorgia: *looks round confused*
Sophie: one nil, I ain't pretty!

Boor: I can shout
Lizzy: no u can't
Boor: one nil

Anna: yes you can shut up
Antony: lol one nil right in the face

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