1 Logistic Support Regiment was originally known as 1 Divisional Column, whose history can be traced back as far as the Peninsular War (1812), where it supported the First Division. This function continued to World War I, with the Army Service Corps (ASC) providing transport. On 25 November 1918 the ASC was granted the title "Royal" in recognition of its achievements.

During World War II, elements of 1 Division Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) were evacuated from Dunkirk, campaigned in North Africa and the Anzio beachhead, prior to the advance through Italy in 1944.

The RASC became the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) in June 1965 and the unit's title was changed from 1 Divisional Column to 1 Armoured Division Transport Regiment, RCT in Dec 1977. In Jan 1983, 1 and 2 Armoured Division Transport Regiments were amalgamated. Following the RCT's inclusion into the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) in April 1993, the unit was renamed as 1 General Support Regiment, RLC.

1 GS Regt RLC has deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina for Operation Resolute in 1996, to Northern Ireland in 1998, to Kosovo for Operation Agricola in 1999/2000, Bosnia for Operation Loadstar in 2001 and to Iraq for Operation Telic I in 2003. On 1 April 2005, 1 GS Regt, with elements of 2 Close Support Regiment, formed 1 Logistic Support Regiment (1 Log Sp Regt). Since then, 1 Log Sp Regt has deployed on Operation Telic 8 (2007) and Operation Telic 13 (2009) in Iraq and simultaneously supported Operation Herrick 7 (2007–2008) and Operation Herrick 9 (2008–2009) in Afghanistan.

In early 2012, 1 Log Sp Regt consisted of 2 and 12 Close Support Squadrons, 23 General Support Squadron, 74 (HQ) Squadron and Light Aid Detachment (REME support).

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