1Face (sometimes styled as 1:Face) is an American watch brand based in Chicago, Illinois. It is best known for its charity-minded products, donating a percentage of sales to charity.[1][2]


1Face was founded in 2012 by Fam Mirza, founder and CEO of the product design and branding firm Mirza Minds.[2][3] It was launched after a campaign on Indiegogo raised more than $350,000 for the initial brand launch.[4] The company sold more than 20,000 watches in a single day after appearing on Good Morning America in 2013.[5] As of October 19, 2015, 1Face has sold over 500,000 units, and has distribution in over 16 countries.[6]


1Face makes two different watch designs (basic and analog), each in different colors.[1] Each color represents a different charitable cause a percentage of the purchase price going to 1Face charitable partners.[1] The company also offers a full touch screen watch in three different colors. With the purchase of a touch screen watch, consumers can select up to three charities as opposed to being tied to a single charity based on watch color.[1]


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