The 19th Grand National Assembly of Turkey existed from November 6, 1991 to December 24, 1995, with most members having been elected in the 1991 election. The True Path Party of Süleyman Demirel gained a majority of seats in the Assembly, being followed by the Motherland Party, the Social Democratic Populist Party, the Welfare Party, and the Democratic Left Party in decreasing order.


On 2 March 1994, Parliament lifted the immunity of Hatip Dicle, an MP from (and chairperson of) the Democracy Party who was among those cross-endorsed by and caucusing with the SHP, and on the same day he was arrested. On 8 December 1994 he was convicted, with Leyla Zana, Orhan Doğan and Selim Sadak, of membership in a terrorist organization (PKK) and sentenced to 15 years in prison.


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