1979 Ilyushin Il-14 Crash 


Flight 317 is a single flight from the Soviet Union, while flying behind Antarctica, the plane simply had an Engine failure over Antarctica, and had an emergency Belly landing at Antarctica, killing four of the seven people on board. NTSB Investigators told that a single rip can damage the aircraft and will have an Engine failure 3 people survived It was the only one accident who had an engine failure over the Frozen Antarctica.

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The site was in Antarctica, seen in Google earth, 67°40'17.37"S 45°49'40.39"E

Aircraft investigation

The investigation was a very hard problem to solve, why did 4 of the people died during belly landing?, The problem was solved 2 years ago, The four was a family, and they were busy doing something, Don Karashi is the youngest and he had a vamit during emergency engine failure cause the plane was moving left to right, The Karashi family died, cause of the plane's skinrip.

Image and Description

File:IL-14 (800 x 493 px.jpg
An Ilyushin IL-14, similar to the accident.-

Aircraft's Description

Plane Type - IL-14

Registration - N35105 (Not yet recieved)

Date - 2 Jan 1979

Site - Antarctica

Type - Engine failure

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