1156 Shadow Hill Way, Beverly Hills, California, 90210 is notable as the largest private residence in Beverly Hills, 90210. It is also notable both for its associations with celebrity international organized crime figures, and its frequent use on television and in Hollywood movies to portray an image of vast wealth for its fictitious characters. Securities and Exchange Commission filings show that it housed the International Monetary Reserve (IMR), described by the Italian press as "one of the most diabolical schemes in recent memory", and having executives and directors including fraudsters appearing in major international news stories including Pearlasia Gamboa and David Korem. It was used as the fictitious residence of a wealthy film producer in the 90210 television series.[1][2][3][4][5]


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Coordinates: 34°05′32″N 118°24′53″W / 34.0922°N 118.4147°W / 34.0922; -118.4147

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