10ticks is owned by Ian Fisher and was set up in 2000 originally selling maths worksheets [1]

The business has been included as part of a number of academic studies, the most notable being “The Benefits of e-Business Performance Measurement Systems” by Barnes and Hinton 2008. Which looked at the benefits of e-businesses, taking a sample from 2005 winners of the Government DTI e-commerce awards.[2][3] The work by 10ticks has also been included as part of other studies such as the “The Circle of Apollonius” by Wilson (2000)[4]

Myton School in Warwich have used the resource and appeared on the National Times Education Newspaper [5]. Ian Fisher the Managing Director also appeared in a Magazine article for the Times Education Magazine talking about website expansion [6]

In 2003 10ticks challenged a VAT fight in which the company thought it was being unduly charged VAT for selling its products on a pdf rather than as a textbook, which is exempt from VAT.[7]

In 2004 10ticks won ‘e business of the year' at the North Manchester Business Awards.[8]

10ticks joined a government backed initiative by UKTI [9] and attended a Trade Mission to South Africa , leading to a book deal[10]with Internationally renowned publishers Hinemann[11].

More recently 10ticks took advantage of the Government funded ‘KTP’ scheme ‘which allows companies such as 10ticks to access skills and expertise, and to employ a recently qualified graduate, specifically recruited to work on a bespoke project.[12]

In 2011 10ticks started selling to Australia and mapped their courses to the New Australian Curriculum.[13]

In early 2012 10ticks signed a deal with partners in Australia [14] and Malaysia to sell 10ticks in the respective countries.[15]

Darren Wood, the Head of Business Development and Marketing published an article on 'keeping Teachers Safe on Facebook' [16]which received International recognition including from the USA [17].

10ticks also sponsored a school learning system as a prize for the International Lasco Maths Challenge, which 'is the Latin American Street Children Organisation, a registered charity formed in Northern Ireland in 1985 to help provide education and healthcare to some of Latin America’s estimated 40 million street children'[18]5.

Ian Fisher was recently crowned one of the top 20 tweeters for maths.[19]


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