10eastern is a website known for its 'Drawings Boards' and its 'Found Photos' project.

Found Photos

The Found Photos project was started in March 2004 when it was discovered that personal photos could be found by searching with a p2p filesharing program (mostly used to share music and video). The website displays "... pictures that will make you smile or display interesting photography" [1] and is very selective.

Drawings Boards

The 'Drawrings' Boards were started in the spring of 2004, with the use of a java applet (Oekaki BBS ver.1.31) that lets you draw (much like MS Paint) and display your image results with a comment. It also lets other people comment on your image. In August 2008 a new feature has been added, which makes it possible to save various versions of a drawing and sequence them into an animation. It is also possible to save drawings with a collaborative function, to give selected users the possibility to edit other user's drawing.

In April 2009 a command line tool called DrawringApp was launched, which makes it now possible to copy images from the computer into the applet. It features randomized pixel placement, jigfactoring, random color placement, crossfading, browser auto-detection and more.

Since November 2009 the drawing applet can be controlled by a MIDI tool application, which was developed by one of the regular users.

The most popular board is the "Anything Drawrings Board" which, as of January 2007, has over 15.000 drawings.

The other drawing board are themed and include :

  • Anything Midnight - night time theme
  • Anything Temp - drawings done after the hacker attack when everything else was down.
  • Collab! - a board that allows for collaborative drawings.
  • Green Door Alley - drawings drawn by the user 'sheep' which describe a story (with drawings and text). Your comments "help decide the aktion."
  • Topic Attack - drawings based around one topic.
  • DrawringApp / Scripting Board - a board specially made for scripting and/or using the DrawringApp, an application that lets you copy a tga picture from your computer into the applet.

Boards that archive drawings include :

  • Make Draw Gallery - images from various gallery shows where drawings have been printed out and displayed.
  • Collective Journal Scans - scans from the 10eastern journal that is being sent around the world.
  • Drawr Galleries - galleries from specific users and themes.


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