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What started as a 10 day long Belgian celebration of techno music in 1995, has since grown to be a yearly high mass (15.000+) double-located mixed-style club event. 10 Days Off (formerly Ten Days of Techno) and its Dutch counterpart 5 Days Off are a feast for all lovers of virtually all electronic dance music, offering an excellent mix of musical styles, well-established and upcoming artists, DJ and live performances, and in the case of 5 Days Off a cross-over to other (new media) artforms. All this takes place in the relatively compact space of several concert venues in the cities of Ghent (Belgium) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), making both events mega festivals in an intimate club setting. This undoubtedly contributes to the unique atmosphere people from all over Europe come to sample every year and makes the two brother events share a unique position in Europe, if not the world.

Some styles include house, electro, breakbeats, rock, drum 'n' bass, minimal, broken beats, nu-jazz, techno, funk, disco, electro-house and other hybrids.


In 1995 there was no real alternative for the (more music loving) youth during the famous "Gentse Feesten" (anual greatest event in Ghent). The organisation 5 voor 12, acting on the idea of Rudy Ackaert, started off with a small "trial" event on a venture into what would become one of the biggest techno events in Europe.

Previous & current locations

  • Meibloem (1995-?)
  • Vooruit (?-?)
  • ICC (?-?)

Previous & current artists



  • Various - 10 Days Of Techno The Soundtrack [95-97] (Released 1997)
  • Various - 10 Days Of Techno The 2nd Soundtrack (Released 1999)
  • Various - 10 Days Off Soundtrack #3
  • 10 Days Off Vol.5
  • ..
  • Various - 10 Days Off - The Soundtrack #7
  • ..

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