10dollarmall is an American fashion store known for wholesale and discounted clothing where all of its products are sold below $10.[1] The store currently operates through its 12 locations based in California along with 2 sisters store Zfashion.[2] 10dollarmall is known for its economical price range and tagline "Quality under $10" and it sells all of its product within the $10 or less price tag.[3] The store is also known for its 365 Day Return Policy.[4]


The store has following line of products under $10 price tag.


10dollarmall offers clothing, shoes (including heels, flats, sneakers and boots), bags, underwear, watches, jewelery, fashion accessories and makeup kits & accessories for women.


The store men's range includes clothing, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories and undergarments.

Girls & boys

It offers clothing products including hats, ties, undergarments, socks and accessories for boys and girls under 18.


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