100Rails is a Podio Implementation and Support organisation based out of New Zealand servicing New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The service was founded in late 2012 and solely focuses on the Podio cloud solution.

100Rails supplies the webbased and smartphone based Podio platform for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content in project management workspaces. Users can also select business apps from an online app store or build their own according to project needs.[1]


Podio was founded by Jon Froda, Anders Pollas, Andreas Pedersen and Kasper Hulthin in early 2009 and helped create the 100Rails partnership for APAC in late 2012.

In December 2012, Steve Shepherd from New Zealand started rolling out work platforms and Intranets utilising the Podio platform. The developments went very quickly for the Podio clients and were completed in a fraction of the time of previous intranet developments utilising Sharepoint.

In April 2013, Steve Shepherd from New Zealand travelled to San Francisco to obtain preferred partnership status for his company and is now a Preferred Partner working with Podio and Citrix for the Asia Pacific region.

What Areas can be Covered with Podio and 100Rails

Podio does not pretend to be an accounting solution but it can provide a platform for developing solutions for many different requirements. Below is a quick list of areas that 100Rails has worked in for clients.

  • HR Recruitment, Screening, Assessment, Interviewing, Job/Role Descriptions, Candidate Management
  • HR Training or Induction Processes
  • HR Team Management, Timesheeting, Prof Development, Career Paths, KPI's, Disciplinary Processes, Termination Processes
  • HR Volunteer and Work Assignment System
  • HR Leave Requesting/Reporting/Notification
  • HR Health and Safety Reporting/Tracking/Compliance/Fixing
  • Reference or Knowledgebase Solution
  • Policies and Procedure Document Management and Review
  • Membership Processes
  • Election Processes for Committees/Boards/Trusts
  • Asset Tracking, Valuation and Insurance Processing
  • Asset Acquisition or Disposal Processes
  • Asset Property Maintenance, Valuation and Inspection processes
  • Asset Vehicle Logs/Maintenance/Assignments/Bookings
  • Visitor Booking of Carparks/Equipment/Rooms
  • Tender Processes for buying and selling
  • Preferred Supplier Selection Processes
  • Internal Project Management (improving systems or taking on new services)
  • External Project Management (with many sub contractors or partners collaborating)
  • Services that have Multiple Stages (with varying data requirements at each stage)
  • Product Management (with varying data requirements at various manufacturing stages)
  • Computer Requests and Services (incl tracking computers and who has what)
  • Lead/Prospect/Client Enquiry Tracking
  • Lead/Prospect/Client Engagement Tracking
  • Events or Workshop Management
  • Concepts/Program Development that need Approval/Review/Monitoring
  • Marketing Planning for Channels or Concept Materials
  • Story Announcements
  • Legislative Compliance Tracking with Govt Acts
  • Risk Management System
  • Finance Processes for Expenses/Reimbursements/Authorisations/Forecasting/Costing

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