1004 Virus is a campaign started in Seoul National University College of Medicine that involves monthly donation of 1004 Korean Wons (1004 means angel in Korean[citation needed]) to support children with rare diseases in Korea. Initiated by the class of 2007 in SNU Medical School, the campaign rapidly influenced the entire student body. It now has become a tradition in SNU Medical School to become a part of the campaign as they move onto the junior year to work as student doctors.

The campaign further influenced the staff of Seoul National University Hospital. Over 200 staff members of the hospital decided to join the campaign including the entire radiology department(1). It raised over 10 million Korean Wons (approximately 10,000 USD) per month to support diseased children in Korea.

As the campaign grew, it evolved into a dynamic social donation campaign in Korea. As a famous Korean comedian, Kang Ho Dong, joined the campaign, (2) the 1004 Virus movement became one of the symbols in Korea that represents charity and kindness of the society.

Currently, the campaign has grown into supporting the construction of children's hospital in North Korea to help North Korean children with various diseases.


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