1000 Ways to Die is an anthology television series that premiered on Spike on May 14, 2008, and ended on July 15, 2012.[2] The program recreates unusual supposed deaths and debunked urban legends[3] and includes interviews with experts who describe the science behind each death. Up until the end of season one, the final story of each episode showed actual footage of dangerous situations that almost ended in death, along with interviews with people involved in the situations. A portion of these deaths have been nominated for or have received a Darwin Award. Ron Perlman served as the narrator on every episode since the third episode (with Thom Beers narrating the first two episodes); beginning with the episode "Tweets from the Dead" Joe Irwin was featured as the replacement narrator.[4]

Spike burned off the final four episodes, ending the series with the airing of "Death, The Final Frontier". The show was cancelled after the producers and stars of the show ran a strike against the network.[5]


1000 Ways to Die takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to death through its presentation of stories derived from both myths and science, and the show makes liberal use of artistic license to significantly embellish or change the circumstances of real-life incidents that resulted in death for greater entertainment value. Not only are the names changed, but substantial amounts of the locations, dates and context. One notable exception is the accurate description of the death of Harry Houdini.

A frequently recurring motif is that of unsympathetic individuals' choices backfiring on them, resulting in death.

"WARNING: The stories portrayed in this show are based on real deaths and are extremely graphic." "Names have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased."

"Do not attempt to try ANY of the actions depicted." "YOU WILL DIE!"

(this time, the emphasis is on the word "WILL")." everywhere. Most of us try to avoid it, others can't get out of its way. Every day we fight a new war against GERMS, TOXINS, INJURY, ILLNESS, and CATASTROPHE." "There's a lot of ways to wind up dead. The fact that we survive at all is a miracle, because every day we live, we face.... 1000 WAYS TO DIE."

This introduction cuts to a screenshot of the "victim", framed by gray grainy film art, and information appears as being typed out onto screen: "DATE" and "LOCATION". The stories are played out as in the "Pilot Season", but end as they began, with a different screenshot of the "victim" (this time, they are usually dead), again framed in grainy film art, over which the "Way to Die # " and the nickname for the death typed over the image in black, yellow and red "True Crimes"/"Sin City"/"comic" font. Two stories are shown in this manner, then an outro to the commercial says, "Coming up:" followed by brief, clever descriptions of upcoming deaths. This is usually repeated twice. After the last commercial break, the real-life story is shown, followed immediately by the end credits, which appear as white spray-painted bold letters on a grainy film background, backed by heavy metal music.

Death Rises

Originally aired on September 5, 2011

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
331 Wet Dream (a.k.a. Bed-Wetting) January 1, 1973 New York City, NY A man, who spent New Year's Eve at a party, snorting cocaine, donning women's clothes, and seducing two women into having sex with him, wakes up the next day, half-naked, smeared in make-up, and strapped to his water bed. As he screams, he kicks his stiletto-heeled feet, puncturing his water bed, which then leaks. The man keeps struggling until all the water from the leaking mattress engulfs him and he drowns.
246 Par-Gore (a.k.a. Assassin's Greed) August 13, 2006 Boston, MA While racing up the outside of a building with his friends, an arrogant parkour-obsessed teen pushes one of them out of the way in order to win. On the roof, he rolls to recover from his last jump and impales his neck on an exposed pipe, severing his spinal cord and paralyzing the muscles that control breathing.
948 Titty Titty Bang Bang (a.k.a. Bad Explosions) July 20, 2010 San Diego, CA A woman decides to become a stripper after months of doing low-level temp work and not earning enough to support her dreams of being an actress. Thinking that her breasts are too small for her to be a good stripper, she decides to get large breast implants to compensate. However, the plastic surgeon who gave her the implants was unlicensed and the implants she got were substandard water balloons and filled with water containing dissolved oxygen instead of silicone. While on a plane, the atmospheric pressure (and most likely a weak pressurization system on the plane itself) causes the implants to expand and explode, blowing out the woman's chest and killing her from blood loss and heart exposure.
500 Ich Bin Ein Stoner (a.k.a. Witch Hunt) February 2, 1341 Berlin, Germany A medieval witch hunter goes mad after eating grains infected with ergot. The superstitious townspeople use a method that the witch hunter used on a village woman who was accused of witchcraft: pricking a mole on the accused's body (if it bled, the accused was innocent; if not, the accused was deemed a witch). The witch hunter's mole does not bleed and he is sentenced to death by stoning. The witch hunter is killed when a stone hits him in the head and cracks his skull.
419 Skid Marked (a.k.a. Ghost Rider) March 17, 2004 Detroit, MI A group of car thieves are practicing "ghost riding the whip" (putting the car into gear and dancing alongside it) with a stolen SUV. One of them attempts "The Circle," which involves making the car ride in a tight circle while standing atop it. The SUV hits a parking chalk, knocking the rider from the roof of the SUV. While on the ground, the SUV comes around and runs over the rider's legs and breaks them. The SUV comes around and crushes his head.
298 Sign Offed (a.k.a. Spin Head) September 9, 2008 Los Angeles, CA A sign spinner has been showing off his skills to impress a woman at a nearby coffeehouse. When a rival spinner shows up across the street, the two start trying to outdo each other and win the barista's attention. After the first spinner nearly gets hit by a passing car, he accidentally slashes his jugular vein with the edge of his sign (now jagged from repeated hits against the pavement) and bleeds to death.
449 Another Up The Butt Story (a.k.a. Buzz-Ted) June 22, 2009 Las Vegas, NV A drunk bachelor attempts to rape a stripper (who was used as a human sushi bar) at his bachelor party. The stripper pushes him onto the toilet and he leans on the flush mechanism. Abnormally high pressure in the tank causes the porcelain lid to fly onto the floor and shatter, and the bachelor slips onto a shard of porcelain, piercing his colon and intestinal tract, and causing him to bleed to death.


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