1-800-Charity Cars is an American 501(c)(3) non-profit car donation organization, whose mission is "to engage in activities that will uplift humanity."[1] As part of that mission, 800-Charity Cars provides free vehicles and vehicle support services to assist disadvantaged families in their transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.[2]

1-800-Charity Cars operates Free Charity Cars[3] which is a social network those looking to be awarded a program car can join.


  • 1996—1-800-Charity Cars was founded as Charity Cars, Inc.[4]
  • September 1998—Charity Cars was honored by receiving the prestigious Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award.[5]
  • December 2000—Charity Cars completed its goal of national reach having given away cars in every state including Alaska and Hawaii.[6]
  • September 2009—1-800-Charity Cars wins a $100,000 grant from Allstate Foundation.[7]
  • December 2010— 1-800-Charity Cars teamed up with Extreme Makeover Home Edition and gave away a car on an episode filmed in October 2010 and which aired on ABC on December 13, 2010.[8]


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