1-0 Soccer Manager
Developer(s) New Era Software
Publisher(s) Wizard Games of Scotland, Ltd.
Platform(s) DOS
Release date(s) 1992
Genre Sports, Management
Mode(s) Single-player

1-0 Soccer Manager is a video game of the sports management genre released in 1992 by Wizard Games. It was one of the first soccer management games to use a 2D match engine. The match engine is very similar to the one used by Football Manager more than a decade later.

The game followed from Wizard's 1989 release The Soccer Game. It dropped the financial element of The Soccer Game, but incorporated the Scottish league in addition to the English league and included more international games. There was a European Super League in addition to four national divisions, with 16 teams in each. This structure meant that many English league teams were not selectable for play, whereas several Scottish non-league teams were selectable. The names of the players, managers and staff were the real names of the players in football at the time.

Although the publisher is still listed as "Wizard Games of Scotland", the firm had moved to Wilmington, Massachusetts since the publication of The Soccer Game. On 9 August 2007, Wizard Games released an "Ultimate Collection" of games for download, which included 1-0 Soccer Manager.

An Easter egg in the game is the profile of Jimmy Hill, who was chairman of Fulham at the time. His rating says "Large chin" and his nationality says "Germany" (when he was English).

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