1,000,000 socks for Paul Wolfowitz is a worldwide charitable fundraising. It has been established due to the incident that occurred with the president of the World Bank Paul Wolfowitz. This episode was widely reported by mainstream media including The New Yorker,[1] The Guardian,[2] BBC News[3] and NPR.[4] Then articles with photos on the same subject have been reprinted in some other sources of information.[5][6][7] At the end of January, 2007, Paul Wolfowitz visited a mosque during an official visit to Turkish city of Edirne. Obeying local customs (in the mosque assumed to be without footwear), he removed his shoes and revealed two large holes in his socks.

The declared purpose of the fundraising is to collect the required amount of money and buy for Paul Wolfowitz 1,000,000 new socks. The fundraising has a website [1], where donations are accepted only via decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin. The statistics of received money is completely transparent through the use of block explorer service [2]. The specific feature of the fundraising is that it provides to donators free space on the website for placing their advertising, at that visibility of web banner depends on the amount of donation.

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