The 0 conjecture is the conclusion that depending on which context you are using it in, $ x / 0 = 0 $ rather than the normal undefined. The 0 conjecture was first proposed by students Aaron Stone and Ryan Sousa in February, 2014 (although possibly proposed before) after investigating the validity of the statement that $ x / 0 = undefined $ . The 0 conjecture has not been proven and is simply a theory not intended for real world application. The 0 conjecture could possibly be valid due to the following proof:

$ x / infinite = .0000 ... 01 = 0 $

The proof has influence on the conjectures truth because if that is true, it has been proposed that 0 divided by 0 is a valid statement, and because of that any larger than 0 divided by infinite is 0, and therefore the number goes into zero .0000...01 times, or 0 times, resulting in the conjecture than when x is larger than 0, x ÷ 0 is equal to 0. The conjecture however is thought to be false in physical and space consuming applications, such as how if the conjecture is used in relation to slope it would be false. The conjecture is believed to have potential uses in theoretical mathematics and physics.

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