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Software reversing, Internet Anonymity, Internet Security

+Greythorne the Technomancer, also known by the shortened form of his name +gthorne, is a reverse engineer, one of the original members/professors of The Old Red Cracker's (+ORC) Higher Cracking University (+HCU). The addition of the "+" sign in front of the nickname of a reverser signified membership in the +HCU. Greythorne's Personal Logo is shown here, apparently reproduced in triplicate (found reposted at
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+Greythorne worked with Fravia, his partner and another +HCU founder, on reverse engineering topics and internet privacy & security. See +Greythorne's Privacy Nexus. Tools used included debuggers, deadlisting tools, assemblers and disassemblers.

The +HCU was the only resource of its kind, founded by +ORC in 1995 and has been the inspiration and starting point for untold numbers of students in reverse engineering and computer information security fields in all corners of the globe.

In addition to working with the +HCU, he wrote and published many tutorials to train newer users how to get into the field of Reverse Engineering under the title "Assembly and Cracking from the Ground Up." One such article in the series is on the topic of How to set up SoftIce, a software debugging program.

One of Greythorne's original programming contributions to the world of reverse engineering in the 1990s was his symbiote—a handy tool that allowed programmers to add functionality to other programs. The symbiote was written in TASM (Borland's Turbo Assembler) and the full source was provided by +Greythorne. Other programmers followed with versions written for Windows applications. Quoted by another +HCU member, +Mammon_: "Greythorne the Technomancer, whose Symbiote program is not only an excellent cracking tool, but a perfectly-commented example for learning assembly language."


+ORC Cracking Tutorial Archives (Including work by +gthorne and fravia+)

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