Groschopp, Inc. (Groschopp) is an ISO9001:2008 quality certified manufacturer of fractional horsepower electric motors and gearmotors for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and distribution products.


The foundation for Groschopp’s current operations was laid in 1930 with a company named Wincharger based out of Sioux City, Iowa. The company was started by Gerhard and John Albers, Cecil Perris and Ernest Arndt. [14] Wincharger was a manufacturer of wind powered generators for rural America. With the advent of World War II the company shifted its focus and became a leader in the production of dynamotors and inverters. [8] This new product “was used in military aircraft and ships” and resulted in “five Army-Navy “E” awards for excellence as a quality supplier.”[15] Dyna-Technology acquired Wincharger in 1968 and relocated the small motor operations to Sioux Center, Iowa. While setting up operations in the small, rural community, The Sioux Center Fire Department allowed the company to temporarily conduct business from the city’s fire station until the construction of their new facility was completed in 1975. Groschopp, GmBH a German-based small motor manufacturer, purchased Dyna-Technology’s small motor division in 1980. In 1987 Groschopp was recognized by the state of Iowa for its significant contribution to the economic growth of the community, and was the recipient of the Governor’s Award. [4] The company was obtained by a private trust in 1996, and although the company is not affiliated with Groschopp’s European operations, it continues to operate under the Groschopp name. [6]

Current Business

Today Groschopp’s main focus is fractional horsepower electric motors. All of Groschopp’s operations are located in Sioux Center, Iowa. Groschopp offers a standard product catalog that can be mixed and matched into 120,000 different combinations. [5] A sales representative works with the customer to help them find the correct motor or gearmotor for their application. The company also offers an option to work with an engineer to create a custom motor for highly specialized applications. In 2008 Groschopp became an ISO 9001:2008 quality certified manufacturer. [2]


Groschopp offers four different types of fractional horsepower electric motors: AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet DC Motors, Brushless Motors, and Universal Motors. They offer a vast standard product line with numerous options for customization. [2]

AC Gearmotors

  • parallel shaft
  • planetary
  • right angle
  • right angle planetary

DC Gearmotors

  • parallel shaft
  • planetary
  • right angle
  • right angle planetary

Brushless DC Motors

  • parallel shaft
  • planetary
  • right angle
  • right angle planetary

Specialty Gearmotors

  • customized gearmotors and integrated solutions for unique OEM applications

Awards and Honors

On September 12, 2012 Groschopp was featured in a segment from Fox Business Network called Manufacturing Marvels. [3] Groschopp placed third in Motion System Design Magazine’s “Best By Design” competition for their planetary gearboxes in 2011. [1] Machine Design listed Groschopp’s Website as one of its “Best Sites on the Web,” in 2008. [5] In 2008, Eaton Corporation called Groschopp a “Superior Supplier”. [9] Groschopp was selected as one of Whirlpool’s top U.S Suppliers in 2003. [7] In 1987, Groschopp was the recipient of the Iowa Governor’s Award for the company’s economic involvement in Sioux Center’s community. [4] Groschopp was recognized with the “Best Cost Performance” award, by “the Greenville division of KitchenAid”. [10]

Other News

Groschopp produced the first in a series of YouTube videos providing technical tips, called “How to Check for a Damaged Armature.” [13] This video has been promoted on sites such as Aerospace Manufacturing and Design [11]. In 2013, Groschopp released a new gearbox called the i-series. The “new i-series gearboxes are ideal for applications that have stringent space limitations yet require a high yield torque and increased efficiency”[12].


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