The ravishing Blitz is a puerto rican profesional wrestler who is currently under contract with International Wrestling Association on Puerto Rico, blitz is a former heavyweight champion and throughout 2007 he recieved a "push" for main event.

(2003-IWA world JR heavyweight)

Blitz made his debut facing wrestlers in the cruiserweight division although blitz displayed a brawler and high flyer status he was in the cruiserweight division, his first fued come to hand with Tommy diablo and culminated in a 2 out of 3 falls match a fued that lasted 3 years.


Cruiserweight Return)

Blitz became the first cruiserweight champion after defeating Bolo the red bulldog.

World tag team champion-LA RABIA In May 2007 the team of el Chicano, Jumpin Jeff Jeffrey and Mr.big formed a stable known as LA RABIA they become popular through all Puerto Rico AND IWA. But it separated when Mr.big and Jumping Jeffrey left IWA.


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