Court Piece

(Piece meaning deal the cards) this classic Trick taking card game popular in the Asian sub-continent and beyond.

Similar in play to Contract bridge; sans the dummy and the bidding process. There are four players, each is dealt 13 cards, The dealer deals 5 cards to everyone turn by turn, starting on his right, once everyone has 5 cards, he deals 4 then 4 again to make 13. On the initial deal of 5 cards to the caller, the caller has to call trumps (rang). Once the trumps is set, the game proceeds counter clockwise card by card, beginning with a card the caller chooses to play. This is followed by the opponent on his right, then his partner and finally the last man (opponent) on his left.

The person with the highest card takes the hand. If a player does not have the suit played, he may "trump it" with the trump that the caller called. The team to get to 7 hands wins. If the Opponents cannot score any tricks, it is called "Court". This is rare and takes expert play to execute. Even rarer is the "Bavney" or the 13. Here the teams takes all 13 tricks. This is extremely rare and many players never achieve this in a lifetime of playing Court Piece.

The dealer keeps dealing to the "caller" till there is a court or the dealer's team makes 7 tricks. If the callers score a "Court", then the calling and the dealing is transferred to the partners of the same team. This means the partner of the caller will now call and the partner of the dealer will now deal. Hoeever if the caller suffers a court, this is the most humiliating loss, it is called "Goon" Court (Silent N, meaning Horse manure).

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